18 April, 2008

Do Not Worry

Matthew 6: 31

"So do not worry, saying, `What shall we eat?'
or`What shall we drink?' or
`What shall we wear?'

It's right there, in the book of Matthew. I shouldn't worry about what I wear, I know that. But, it's my son's wedding! It's taking place in less than a month; and this morning, here I am, without a dress to wear to his wedding. It all started innocently enough. I went to the bridal shop, months ago with my future daughter in law and my daughter. The bride was veil shopping. One thing led to another and I chose a few dresses to try on. I found one that I liked, and ordered it. The model dress that I tried on didn't fit, but the owner used some dressmaker clamps to cinch it in and took my measurements. I ordered it from a fabric swatch the size of a postage stamp and quickly crossed the chore off my 'to do' list. I didn't give the dress another thought until last month when the shop owner called to say they were having problems with shipments from the manufacturer of my chosen dress and they wanted me to be aware that it could come in close to the wire, if at all. I had a chance to back out and get my deposit back. I didn't take it. I decided to wait it out, after all, I just loved that dress! The bridal shop owner called this week. My dress came in. Hallelujah! I went by yesterday for a fitting. My dress was hanging in the center of the store, in a place of prominence. I didn't love it when I saw it, in fact, quite the opposite was true, I was hoping that it was someone else's dress. It wasn't. I tried it on, willing myself to fall in love again. That didn't happen, in fact I felt sick when I saw myself in the dressing room mirrors, reflected three ways. The dress fit fine but looked all wrong. I felt old, heavy and, well... exposed! Not exactly the feeling one desires to have on the day their baby is getting married. The shop owner was ready with pins to mark the hem and I dutifully stepped up on the platform, all the while my head was spinning with thoughts of ripping the dress off and fleeing from the store before anyone else came into the shop. I'm going to call the owner first thing this morning and tell him to stop the alteration process. I'm not going to wear that dress, I can't. I need to regroup, and stop worrying, I need to remind myself that the clock is ticking and that there are hundreds of other dresses out there waiting to be bought, one of them is perfect for me. I need to remind myself that happiness abounds and it's only a dress! I need to remind myself that:

Life is Good!
How do I sell something on e-bay?

27. Take your work seriously, but not yourself at all.


Nancy said...

Oy! Like you need this particular stress right now.

For Sherry's wedding, I found my dress in the Coldwater Creek catalog and absolutely LOVED it. Felt like me. Still love it.

For Andrew's wedding, I was required to wear a long CREATION. It was a pretty enough color and everyone told me I looked great but I didn't like the dress and never will.

For Tom, back to Coldwater Creek, and felt just fine.

Guess I know who I am.

n, np, sympathizing

Salem Stitcher said...

I like Nancy's idea. Coldwater Creek has such beautiful, wonderful dresses, perfect for the Mother of the Bride. (And now that we have one right here in town, it's convenient!)

The best part is you will be comfortable. No matter what, regardless of how you feel, you will be beautiful. SO...you might as well be comfortable too.

jovaliquilts said...

So glad you decided not to wear a dress you don't feel good in! You will find one you love -- there are many out there. Have fun shopping!

Nane said...

You will look great in whatever you choose I am sure. And if its like mountain bike shopping (sorry thats what came to my mind) you'll know its right as soon as you slip it on.

quiltkeemosabe said...

Go for the dress you want.

quiltteacher said...

Oh so sorry. I'm having trouble also. I'm afriad, even more now, to order a dress and it not be the "right" one. Are you going to use the back up dress now? Or do you even have one?

Quilt Memories said...

YOUR DRESS is out there, so go looking! Whatever the decision, you will love it and I am sure you will be beautiful in it.....So go shopping, Clodwater Creek sounds like a good starting place.... Love the last 3 post, been busy and haven't commented much lately. Still have some pics to show, but that will be later, now I am going to sew!!!! YEAH..... Take care my friend, J

Libby said...

You'll find 'It' It's out there somewhere *s*

Pam said...

I can so relate! When our oldest son married I hunted for ages to find just the perfect dress to wear...I knew what I wanted, my future DIL, her mom and I all went shopping together. DIL gave us examples of what she would like. Finally I found the right ~~ the perfect!!! dress according to DIL instructions. The day of the wedding I found out her mom was wearing a corduroy skirt and knit top~~I was dressed like a million dollars...and felt beautiful! Since I had made the wedding gown I know my dress did not outshine the bride, I guess that is what counts?!

Should our youngest ever decide to marry (doubtful at this stage) all I will need is a new denim skirt, and a few daisies for my hair...he is our "earthy" child!

Coldwater Creek has some beautiful dresses that can be dressed up or down...If I were in a time crunch that is where I would head. It might be your son's wedding but it is a time for everyone to celebrate and enjoy, be sure you are happy with how you look and feel!!

Good luck!

Marcie said...

Good luck! I feel your pain!

Quiltdivajulie said...

GOOD FOR YOU for not wearing a dress that makes you feel anything less than wonderful!

I'm adding another vote for Coldwater Creek - I wore one of their beautiful travel knit dress/jacket sets when our oldest was married in 2005... their wedding was near Santa Fe, NM and my dress travelled from TN to NM (squashed into a suitcase) without a wrinkle!

Breathe in, breathe out... being present is the most important aspect!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I'm sorry this happened but I'm so glad you're a strong enough woman to say NO!

There is nothing and I mean nothing worse than a tacky dress at the wedding. Oh lord. You will find the right outfit. Whip out the...

Credit Card Connoisseur Love, *karendianne.

Tanya said...

Oh dear! I love the usage of the well known Bible passage. Never looked at it in that light! If God clothed the grass of the fields, I'm sure He'll clothe you too!

Shelina said...

Getting ready for a wedding is certainly stressful. You just want everything to be absolutely perfect. You're right, don't worry, there is another dress out there for you which will be a better match for you and for the occasion. Enjoy the process.

YankeeQuilter said...

Two weeks before my own wedding I tried my dress on for my parents. My Dad hated it. He didn't tell me until I was back in Maryland. He was willing to buy me a plane ticket and a new dress (he had already picked one out and they promised him to have the alterations done in time!)

I will not go through the whole story but I ended up with a different dress that both of us loved with only a little bit of stress. There is hope.

ps. Have you tried Talbots? They have some nice dresses and at least for me, they fit well.