21 April, 2008

Dress Update

The dilemma has been resolved; I have a dress to wear, and a spare*! Talbots to the rescue. Thanks to one and all for your suggestions, and your empathy, I will now
happily attend our son's wedding, fully clothed;
in a dress I feel really good about wearing!

(* although I wouldn't be caught dead in it.)

Life is Good!

30. Sit on your ego.


Cheryl said...

Talbots rescued me at the time of my sons wedding!!! Great dress.

Ancestor Collector said...

This one is perfect!

Quilt Memories said...

Looks like you!!!!!!! Good choice!!!!

Nancy said...

Spectacular! Excellent choice! Well done!

Enthusiastic, Near Philadelphia

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Right on. Talbots is THE place.

Classic Love, *karendianne.