15 April, 2008

First Book, Last Book

I ordered a book from Quiltdivajulie, she was cleaning off her quilter's bookshelf the other day and offering some titles for $5 a piece through her blog! That got me to thinking. I have shelves full of quilt books, I can't bear to part with any of them. I still have the first quilting book that I ever purchased; Small Quilts by Marsha McCloskey. I made every quilt in that book, there are eight patterns, and this was before rotary cutters! It's copyrighted 1982, but I bought it in 1986. There are directions for making templates from cardboard and for hand quilting and tying, along with directions for machine quilting using a walking foot. This photo is the back cover, with the price in the lower right, you can click to enlarge; yes, it was $6.00! It's amazing that I have stayed with quilting when I think back to how much more complicated it was to construct a quilt with no speed-cutting techniques. I hand pieced quite a bit back then, too. That's probably why, when I was teaching, I focused on the basics. It's how I learned and it's a rock solid foundation to understanding seam allowance and basic pattern drafting. I can go back to that if (and when) I need to, but I whole-heartedly embrace the advent of rotary techniques and all the time-saving tips and tricks of the trade today! I enjoyed looking back through my first quilt book this morning. I had made notes to myself in the margins and there were even some of my early quilt fabric snippets tucked in the pages, what a joyful surprise! Take a look through your bookshelves, do you still have your first-ever quilt book? What is the title? Who is the author? I probably have it also, if you bought it in the last 22 years or so! Even though I have never culled any books from my shelf, I do admit to slowing down quite a bit as far as adding titles is concerned. So, what was the latest addition, the bargain from Quiltdivajulie? Magic Quilts By The Slice, (Another Magic Stack-n- Whack Book) by Bethany Reynolds, I just love a deal; and there's always room for one more!
Life is Good!

24. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and
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Shelina said...

I don't remember my first book - I think I lent several to a friend, and didn't get them back. I found one or two in the basement, so maybe they were just lost during a move. The one I found in the basement looks self published with that comb binding, and is called "You can be a super quilter." or something like that. I was thinking of giving it away but I wasn't ready to give it up.

Salem Stitcher said...

My first quilt book wasn't really a quilt book at all. It was a family circle interior decoration book. I think I still have it. If I do, I'll post about it.

meggie said...

Hi Mrs G! Just been catching up on your posts. Don't know how I missed so many, but I have had a good read.
Love the little foot rattles! A baby will just LOVE those! I is amazing how many things you realise your 1st grandchild needs!
I love all my quilt books & magazines. As I came late to quilting, I began with a magazine.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Not to worry ~ I still have plenty of wonderful quilting books to enjoy... and I do still have the first one I purchased (before I even knew what I was doing with a rotary cutter). The title has proved to be prophetic: "Colorful, Casual & Comfy Quilts" published by Rodale.

Love your bookshelves!!

gwen said...

The first quilting book I ever bought (in England) was " The complete book on patchwork, quilting and appliqué" by Linda Seward. The title looked promising enough and it was. I learned a lot through that book.
Your shelves are a dream. With indirect light, that´s great.
Take care.

Barb said...

Hmmmmmm first quilt book ~ I am not sure because I thought I needed each and every one that had a quilt block or design that I liked! If I live to be 100 I will not use them all! My claim now is that DGD will surely need them, she is my quilting buddy LOL!! It is the great tease of the family, my books, magazines and fabric stash, it is good that DGD loves sewing/quilting!