18 December, 2008

My Own Flake

Following a tip from quiltdivajulie I decided to attempt making my own unique snowflake! Here it is. What do you see contained here? I see bats, sea gulls and goblets, with a pretty little star shaped by the triangles marching around the center. I found I couldn't perform this activity at all with a touch-pad, I had to dig around in my desk drawer to find my wireless mouse; and, guess what I found while I was excavating in there? Oh, never mind, that's another post for another day! (I can be so easily distracted sometimes!) Go ahead, be a kid today, grab your mouse and cut out a snowflake at Make-A-Flake! What can you see in yours?

Life is Good!


Teresa said...

I see tulips and some kind of crazy blouse.

Your trumpeting angels are just beautiful.

My daughter is a bridesmaid in a Christmas wedding as well. She brought her dress home and it needed alterations and hemming, and I sent her to a tailor. I was afraid to even try it. You are brave indeed.

KarenF said...

OMgoodness!! This is SOOO FUN!!!! What a cool link...thanks for finding and passing it along (except, now I may not get anything else done today...) :-)

Salem Stitcher said...

Oh, I love stuff like this! People come up with the coolest things for me to do while I should be doing something else.

I'm going to make snowflakes RIGHT NOW!

Nane said...

I will have to try from home....the computer police stoped me from going to this site at work.

leigh anna said...

that is very hard with the touch pad
i'm gonna have to try it when i finally get home