07 June, 2012


The sights in and around Copenhagen will comprise today's post. We spent the day, and night, here before boarding our ship the following day which allowed for some walking and exploring in the vicinity near our hotel in the afternoon of our arrival. The weather was warm and a visit to the Kastrup Lystbadehavn (Pleasure Swimming Harbour) provided some beautiful  photo souvenirs... enjoy!

Diving platform at the beach; and children enjoying the warm temperatures as much as we were.
Weed control courtesy of a flame thrower! A little scary to me, but effective, I suppose.

More park maintenance underway, watering shrubs by way of portable,
collapsible, vessels loaded into a trailer.

Sculpture outside the Harbour Park.

The queen's home (Amalienborg Palace). The flag signifies that she was in residence.
Note the guard houses on either side (red pencil like structures) occupied by the Royal Guard.

A segway tour going on throughout the streets downtown... 
a bumpy ride (I would think) on cobblestones!

This was the view from the restaurant where we ate dinner, this bridge connects Denmark and Sweden.

The restaurant was located on a marina. This yacht was moored just outside the window from our dinner table; note the canine mascot peeking out from the stern of "his" ship!
The next morning we boarded our home away from home for the next few weeks,
the Emerald Princess. We set sail in the early evening of May 23rd with the ship pointed
from Copenhagen towards Oslo, Norway.

After navigating out of port we sailed past Kronborg Castle, located in  Helsingør ;
this castle is better known as Elsinore by Shakespeare, or Hamlet's Castle.

This was one of the most glorious sunsets we saw. Well, in all honesty, it's one of the only sunsets we were awake to photograph! As we headed north into the land of white nights there was very little downtime for our friend the sun!

Observances from my journal:
1. Push button beverage machines that dispense coffee, tea, hot chocolate and hot milk.
2. Small traffic signal lights for bicyclists in their own, dedicated, bike lane.
3. The price of gas here would be the equivalent of $9.00 per gallon.

Life is Good!


straythreads said...

Photos are gorgeous! thanks for sharing

Carrie P. said...

Neat place. Bicyclists with their own lights. Interesting. Looks like a very clean country.

Vicki S. said...

Glad you had a great time. Princess is our favorite cruise line. That itinerary is on our 'to do" list.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Gotta love that flamethrower technique!

So what did the SEW stand for from yesterday's grafitti post? S____ Eclectrical Works maybe?

Janet O. said...

What a wonderful experience, Mrs. G! The diving platform looks fun--never seen anything like that before. And the Segway tour--how funny. The castles, the bridge, all of it lovely, but that sunset leaves me breathless!!

LizA. said...

How beautiful. Looks like it was a fantastic vacation! Lucky you!

Janet said...

Looks like a fascinating place! Have a great time on the cruise!

Salem Stitcher said...

That is an incredible photo of the sunset!