06 August, 2012

Sew Much Fun!

Here's a fashion show of creations sewed for this little cutie over the weekend; it was girls' time together, as she and our daughter came to stay while Mason and Daddy had their boys weekend,  fishing! What a fun weekend we had! The little pillowcase style dress on the right displays her Mommy's favorite colors~ War Eagle! (No, those aren't mouse ears or pigtails on her head, just a poorly chosen photography background... she doesn't seem to care one little bit!)

Gregory came to visit, with his parents, for dinner on Saturday night. These two cousins were right at home in front of the sewing machine. "Hi, Nana; we're not touching... okay, one of us is touching!" 

Our daughter did some creating of her own, using her Cricut and her God-given creativity.

Lucy Ann is adaptable; she's equally at home playing with a dollhouse in the fabric shop...

...or on PawPaw's lawn tractor in the garage!
And one more, priceless, photo from Saturday night. How does Gregory know to use my touch-screen stylus (machine is OFF) as though it's a screwdriver? Too funny! Lucy Ann isn't having any part of these shenanigans! We didn't finish all of our sewing for Lucy Ann before it was time for the girls to go, stay tuned for our sewing weekend report... part deux; they're coming back for a few days so that this Nana can help with one more cute outfit and get in some playtime with big brother Mason too!

Gregory needed some items just for himself too... I finished up some sewing yesterday after the children left to go home; some initials on his backpack, a pickle T-shirt and a fun play T-shirt.
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

I love the background for Lucy Ann's head. It does appear that she sprouted pigtails! Such cute outfits you have made for her.
Looks like one of these days when your machine isn't working, you will have your own "in house" repairman. Or you will just know why it isn't working! : )

Carrie P. said...

suck little cuties. I did think the handles above Lucy Ann's head were pig tales at first.

Gwen said...

Oh how adorable they both are! How can you bear to see them go?

Becky G said...

Oh my gosh.... so, sew cute! Love those dimples! I agree with Janet O. for a moment, I thought Lucy Ann was sporting "Cindy Lou Who" pigtales when she was standing in front of the door... those handles morphed into pig tales. All cute and so much fun.

Elita en Suisse said...

Lucy Ann's "pigtails" are adorable! Even though it was unintentional, now we know what she'll look like when her hair's long enough to do that & we know she's be EDIBLE!! :-) Creativity was obviously running rampant in your house, as always. Enjoy the time! xx

Elita en Suisse said...
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cityquilter grace said...

in a word...adorable!

Pen Pen said...

I had to go back and look at the Lucy Ann picture...cute pigtails. LOL Your babies will be the best dressed kids around! Love their new outfits!

leigh anna said...

the piggy tails are my favorite. well, the dimple too.
and the little boy who tries to take apart anything.
and the shirts you made him.
and, well, all of it!

he is wearing his caution shirt today, and didn't have it on more than 10 minutes before he was covered in dirt, and soap (don't ask), and attempting to put his tractor in the bath tub.
he may need 7 of these shirts, one for every day of the week!