21 March, 2013

Sharing Sunshine

At the risk of having some of my friends and family in the snow-weary north throw something at me I cannot resist the impulse to share some sunshine and flowers from my own front yard. (If it's any consolation our temperatures today are not supposed to rise out of the 40's!) We've had a few, glorious, warm-weather preview days; but March is a fickle month even, and especially, here in North Carolina. Let me share a few rays of sunshine, both literal and figurative:

We kept Gregory and Lynnleigh overnight earlier this week, they kept Nana and Pawpaw hopping! Gregory is sleeping in a big boy bed at home now; so, on Monday, I tucked him into a regular bed here at naptime and told him not to get out of bed but to call me when he woke up. A few hours later I heard him singing and when I went in to get him I found him standing on the bed and singing to his own reflection in the mirror that is mounted on the dresser. I asked him if he was singing to the little boy in the mirror, he laughed. On Tuesday when he repeated the very same wake up/singing routine I entered the room to find him excitedly pointing at the mirror and proudly exclaiming: "lookNana, little boy in there"! So sweet.
I have spent some serious chunks of time recently piecing the setting units for the church quilts.
I was lucky to find that a few of the Accuquilt dies I already own were the right size
for this project, making small work of cutting and super accurate piecing... a win-win
Meet Sophie, my newest sewing room buddy! Can't you tell what a snuggle-bug she is?
Sophie is our daughter's dog, she is staying with us until Saturday;
Hannes doesn't mind the companionship one little bit either, they get along just fine.

And finally, one last sunbeam from my house to yours. I am including right here a link to the tale of two wolves. This Cherokee Indian legend was part of our sermon last Sunday and it has stayed with me all week, it's time to pass it on to you too, in case you haven't heard it before... which one will you feed?

Happy Spring everyone~
Life is Good!


Carol said...

Thank you for sharing the tale of two wolves...we need to keep this in mind and in our hearts.

Janet O. said...

I'll take my sunshine wherever I can get it, thanks! We woke up to snow--again.
Oh, that is a precious story about Gregory.
Love the Tale of Two Wolves--so true! We become what we focus on. Glad you shared that, my friend!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Watch out. I'm about to throw a snowball at you!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Marvelous story to share - "the one you feed wins" AMEN

Our weather has been MOST fickle - we have snow predicted tonight even though the Bradford Pear trees are in full flower (as are the early redbuds). Our Daffodils are yielding to the early tulips - hope they all stay warm tonight!

Laura Davies said...

Aww! That dog looks so sweet!

cityquilter grace said...

a thought provoking tale indeed...and 40s...quit braggin' there girl!

Carrie P. said...

love the story of your grandson and the mirror. Nice to hear it is sunny in many ways at your house.

OhQuilter said...

Yesterday's overnight low was 18F and there was snow. I won't throw anything but I am jealous even of your low temperature! So a Spring picture and great stories make for are a warm break.

OhQuilter said...

Yesterday's overnight low was 18F and there was snow. I won't throw anything but I am jealous even of your low temperature! So a Spring picture and great stories make for are a warm break.

Ancestor Collector said...

My daffodils haven't even poked their heads up yet. Looking forward to a time when we spend the winter in a warmer climate. ;-) Looks like you've had a very busy week! I'm so envious that your little grands are so close by. I miss mine...haven't seen them since New Year's Day, other than on Skype. :-( Three more weeks, then we go visit. Happy Spring, dear friend!

lindsey said...

I would love to see some sunshine here in the UK...it did come out earlier in the week but now the snow is back :( Lovely to have your grandchildren stay over and I look forward to seeing those church quilts finished!

Tanya said...

Sophie looks right at home on a quilt. Lucky visitor dog! I don't let my own dog on my quilts... (of course if I gave her a bath more regularly...)