02 October, 2014

Four? Yes, FOUR!

What does FOUR years old look like? 
It looks like this: all smiles and a new doll, "Sarah". 
 Four looks like this... our beautiful American Girl doll!
 Four looks like this: a proud moment with a new friend, "Elsa",
 and a fantastic "Frozen"-themed birthday cake made by her loving Mommy.
These last four years have flown by... this is what one happy Nana looks like today.
This is what four years ago looked like.
Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy Ann!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

They grow up so much faster than our own kids did, don't they?
Very sweet post. : )

cityquilter grace said...

a precious gift indeed....many more to lucy ann and you!

LizA. said...

hard to believe she's four already. where has the time gone?

Quiltdivajulie said...

Such priceless, wonderful, happy photos . . .

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Beautiful blessing from God. Happy for you all!

lindsey said...

such sweet photos of a beautiful little girl!