17 January, 2015

Another Quilt Surprise!

The Christmas quilt that I surprised Mr. Goodneedle with wasn't the only surprise happening around here lately; Snowbird's been busy!  Our daughter-in-law wanted to make a king-sized quilt for her cousin's wedding. Leigh Anna put this vibrant Rail Fence top together (the couple chose the colors/theme) before Christmas and patiently waited for a day to load this big beauty on the longarm for some Loop-de-Loop quilting. We chose the Saturday after Christmas and she hit it hard... quilting all day long... did I mention how BIG this quilt is?
Right before dinner our son took a turn on Snowbird... this gift truly was a family affair!
After dinner, with the quilting complete, it was time to attach the binding; because the quilt was so large, and heavy, the ironing board and the cutting table were needed to support it as the binding was set into place for stitching.
The mega-quilt with binding attached, all ready for pressing back and hand finishing.
It was done in time and presented to the happy couple last weekend at their wedding.
Don't you just know it will bring a lifetime of warmth, love, and sweet dreams?

Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Glorious -- the colors, the sentiment, the group effort -- truly WONDERFUL!!!

Nane said...

She is quite the quilter now. I know it will be cherished and I am not surprised that Kyle wanted a turn with the long arm machine!

AnnieO said...

Wonderful family quilting! It's lovely.

Little Penpen said...

Beautiful! What a precious wedding gift! I love that the whole family took part in the process.

Tanya said...

What a beautiful quilt and how nice that everyone could participate!