12 June, 2015

This, That and The Other Thing

Warning: this post is a compilation of complete and total randomness.

There's been a lot going on lately... not any one big thing in particular, just this, that and the other thing.

This picture now greets me every morning when I enter the kitchen, it makes my heart smile. Ever since I've known my husband and his family this has hung in his mother's kitchen. She took it off the wall recently, wrapped it up and gave it to me. She knew how much I had always admired it. It's true, I always have. While it makes me sad that she is beginning to give away her possessions, I am grateful that she is able to delight in placing her items in the hands of those who will treasure them always, that is a blessing.

I spotted this product at the grocery store recently.  So now there's a dryer sheet especially "for men and those who smell them"? Why, I ask. Is Outdoor Fresh not manly enough anymore?

We concluded another successful Quilt Ministry year, we're off for the summer months and will resume our weekly meetings again after Labor Day. This was the last quilt we finished, it was a retirement gift for the outgoing Bishop of the NC Synod of the ELCA; from all reports it was warmly received.
 On the home front: quilting progress is being made on this small quilt for my mother, she purchased it as a top a few years ago at a yard sale and only recently discovered it in an all but forgotten box.
She plans to use it as a seasonal table topper.
Mason helped to design this T-shirt for himself last weekend, after the bridge building was completed. He chose the fabrics for the appliques and the size of the camper. He stood right by my side as I stitched and was delighted with the results... is that not the face of one happy camper?

I finished this book over the past weekend, in all honesty I couldn't put it down. 
If you haven't read it I think you should... it will change you. In a good way.

We attended a funeral yesterday; one for the precious daddy of a dear friend. 
Something that the Pastor said resonated with me: "in reality we all write our own eulogies".
Hmmmm... that we do. One. Day. At. A. Time.

I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband to come out of a fastener store the other day (screws, nails, bolts, etc.); now you know why I didn't accompany him inside. The sun was beating through the window onto my arm and I noticed, for the first time, that my skin had sparkles on it! Okay, I doctored this photo a bit w/ Picmonkey so you'd get the idea. I suppose the sparkles come from my Jergens body lotion, that's all that is on my skin other than soap and water! It's just regular, original Jergens too, no tanner, firmer, healer or other enhancements contained. I've used this product for years and never noticed sparkles before. I suppose there must be some talc or other mineral in the composition of the lotion; enough to make me sparkle in the sunshine. To be honest I'm not really sure how I feel about this.

I'll be back; with more structure, content and regularity...  you can count on it.
In the meantime, it's just been this that and the other thing.
Life is Good!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

You sparkle in or OUT of the sunshine, sweet friend!

Jacqueline said...

Interesting post.

Janet O. said...

My parents are giving their things away, too. Kind of a melancholy thing.
A dryer sheet for men? Who thought they needed that?
Beautiful quilting on your Mom's purchase. You have become quite the pro, my friend.
Skin cancer a couple of years ago has made me think twice about a lot of things I put on my skin.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Don't apologize for your "random" thoughts ... sometimes they are the best! Thanks for sharing and some of YOUR thoughts have given ME thoughts!! Linda

Tanya said...

What a fun post. Your mother-in-law is good to make sure her beloved belongings will continue to be loved. The quilt top your mother found is awesome and you are doing such a wonderful job of quilting it! Thank you for the book recommendation. I always am on the lookout for good books to read. I don't know how I'd feel about sparkling either... But I'm pretty sure you sparkle enough even without the jergens lotion!