28 December, 2015

Stitching Up Some Love

I haven't shown a lot of things that I've been sewing lately, mainly because most of the needle and thread activity going on around here has been for gifts! Now that Christmas is behind us, it's safe for me to share. I quilted stacks and stacks of squares and rectangles:
that combined, with a layer of insulbrite in between, to become potholders! I copied this idea from a link found on Pinterest to put together some bundles of love for friends and family. They turned out cute... nothing says lovin' like something for the oven kitchen!
Back a few years ago I embroidered some personalized elf hand towels for Mason,Lucy Ann and Gregory. I don't know how Lynnleigh was overlooked, but the last two years she never got one! 
Her hands are dry now, she has her own towel. For some reason she named the visiting "elf on a shelf" at their home Peggy. When she spotted her own hand towel, hanging beside her brother's, she called to her Mom: "I have an elf towel too, it says "Peggy" on it!" I pointed out the "L" and asked her to guess again at the name on her very own towel. "Oh" she replied, and after thinking about it for a few minutes she called out: "my elf towel says Lynnleigh and Peggy"!
Life is Good!

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Janet O. said...

I like your gift idea. Useful and cute--what's not to love?
What a sweet story about little Lynnleigh. : )