20 April, 2016

How Do You See Spring?

Spring is in full swing here in North Carolina, how do you see spring where  you live? I stitched up some spring pillowcases for the grandchildren last week; each one illustrating a different aspect of the season. Mason's is all about soccer while his sister's is loaded with ladybugs. Gregory's pillowcase salutes the opening of baseball season and Lynnleigh's has spring chickens happily dancing all over its surface. I hope they love them. In the meantime I led another workshop at my LQS to teach pillowcase making for Ryan's Cases for Smiles; between the four of us there we contributed eight bright and cheerful pillowcases to this worthwhile cause that brings emotional support to children struggling with devastating illnesses and hospitalization. I use the same method as outlined in the website above (click: Get Involved/ "Sew A Pillowcase") to create the personalized pillowcases that I give as gifts; the "hotdog" method. Instead of serging the edges, or zigzagging them, I construct mine with French seams; ensuring all edges are completely finished and will stand up to many hot water washes and spins through the dryer without fraying or falling apart. If you would like to create some personalized versions, like the ones pictured at left, I have created this step-by-step photo collage outlining the proper positioning for name placement during the construction process. 
That's it! So, now you know how I see spring when it comes to sewing. 
When it comes to nature it might just be the return of the brilliant blue Indigo Buntings to my feeder!
Life is Good!

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Panto Pam said...

Thank you for the tutorial with pictures! It came at the most perfect time for me as I can now make a special pillowcase for the young granddaughter of one of the ladies in our church quilting ministry to have as she recouperates from skull surgery in the near future.