26 February, 2019

Transforming Towels

What started out life as humble kitchen towels have been transformed into something SEW much more! On Sunday afternoon the Service Group of our church, namely, the COGs (Circle of Grace), met to cut, bind, and attach tags to these towels; transforming them into adult bibs for distribution to local nursing homes and/or facilities with  a need for adult bibs. These are soft and substantial towels, they will serve the purpose well; protecting clothing and should stand up to vigorous laundering. The pattern that we used can be found here

These went together quite well, there were tasks for all, even the youngest of seamstresses; here she diligently applies binding to a neck opening. 
Tags with our church logo were attached to a hanging loop on the side of each newly-made (or about to be) bib. 
Among the items that I am packing to take to MidAtlantic Quilt Festival tomorrow is this bin of bibs-in-the-making to work on during "down time". Quiltkeemosabe and I can get a lot done in little snatches of time back in the hotel room in the evenings. We should have fifty bibs completed in short order; and in the hands of those who can use them the most. 

If you're attending to MidAtlantic this year, and see me wandering around, be sure and say "hello!"; 
I'll be roaming the vendors mall, at the show or in a workshop with Jamie Wallen on Friday. This year, thankfully, I don't see winter weather as a threat in Hampton, VA!
Sorry, Hannes, you can't ride along this time; your job, while I'm away, is to keep an eye on Dad. 

Life is Good!

25 February, 2019

Third In A Series

This past weekend was a repeat of our "one on one" grandchildren weekends, which, in actuality, should be called "one on two" as we've been hosting one child at a time with both grandparents! This past weekend it was Mason's turn. We picked him up on Friday afternoon in the Capital City and enjoyed every minute of his company. Now a fourth grader, Mason loves to read and play sports. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for any outdoor activities but we made the most of being confined indoors. On Saturday, Mason surprised his cousins by attending Gregory's Pinewood Derby! Uncle Kyle even had a car for Mason to race after the Cub Scouts' competition concluded; Mason raced Lynnleigh in the "family fun run". Lynnleigh's little car turned out, surprisingly, to be super fast; but Mason ended up getting an even better prize at the end when Uncle Kyle let him keep the car!💗
Mason (lane 1) vs. Lynnleigh (lane 2) in the "Fun Run" race.
After the Pinewood Derby all the cousins were treated to the new Lego movie, they loved it. The rest of the weekend was spent playing games (perfecting those Cribbage skills), eating, church, and visiting; Mason is a smart and funny boy who's so much fun to spend time with, and we're not one bit biased! Before we knew it, the weekend had flown by and Mason was off, returning back home once again. 
Speaking of time flying-- another photo of Mason at another Chick Fil A 
(see now, in the photo collage above for comparison).
Wasn't this just the day before yesterday? Sigh.

Life is Good!

22 February, 2019

Tea Time

As I had posted, earlier, I have been on a search for a perfect scone recipe. I have been trying to recreate the English scones that we had on a recent cruise, pictured below.

My version, from Lynnleigh's and my tea party last week, is shown at left. It turned out a little crumblier than I would have liked but the flavor was wonderful; I am going to keep making adjustments for texture. The recipe can be found here. I can't find clotted cream, so we used unsweetened, whipped cream; a healthy(!) slathering of that with a dollop of raspberry jam and it was ready for the official taste test.
Yes, this will do just fine!

Life is Good!

19 February, 2019

Hope and Promise

The first bloom of the season in our yard ~ a sure sign of hope and promise for days to come.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."  - Ecclesiates 3:1

Life is Good!

18 February, 2019

One On One... Again

Another weekend, another grandchild. This time it was the youngest; this newly-turned-six year old really keeps us on our toes! The activities included, but weren't limited to: homemade ice cream making with Paw Paw, practicing hand sewing skills with lacing cards, sewing skirts for her American Girl dolls, making a necklace hanging rack for her room and, of course, a tea party! The tea party table was set with a tea pot and cups from two of her great, great, grandmothers! In between all of those fun things lots of pictures were colored, crafts created, jokes told, stories read and memories made. 
We ate at Cracker Barrel on Friday night. She ordered a pancake and had a biscuit along with a side order of broccoli. Eating out with grandparents is a special time, she can order whatever she would like. We've already been broken in and worn down by picky eaters over the years, we weren't fazed.
Meet "Reese's Cup" and "Ice Cream"; these two "worm" creations kept her occupied for hours on end. Our "art box" filled with all sorts of odds and ends along with markers, scissors and glue is her treasure trove. 
All in all it was a great weekend that flew by much too quickly. She and I are already making plans for what we'll do "next time". 
Life is Good!

14 February, 2019

Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day from my heart to yours!

Life is Good!

Free download of the embroidery pattern by Jacquelynne Steves can be found here.

13 February, 2019

Pressing Matters

I have had an affection for irons and ironing my entire life; here's all the photographic proof you need!😉 I can't even calculate how many irons I have owned, and worn out, in the last six+ decades, there are that many. In the sewing room right now I have my large "workhorse" steam generator iron, a full-sized regular iron that I can carry into other rooms, a portable iron for travel, an old-fashioned dry iron without steam holes for fusing and two, small, Clover irons for hand appliqué work. 

In any quilt class, workshop or gathering of quilters the "steam or no steam?" question is always a topic open for discussion. I am a huge steam aficionado; the more the better! I like for the seams in my quilt blocks to lie super-flat; there's no such thing as too much steam for me. My only advice to quilters who can't decide if they are in the "steam" or "no steam" camp is to take precautions to avoid stretching; always "press" (up and down) and not "iron" (push back and forth) and to be extremely careful not to handle a pressed and steamed block too quickly, let it cool in place on the ironing board!

I knew that my old-trusty Rowenta "Expert" steam generator was on it's last leg, it had been over-heating and was slowly falling apart, I had owned, and loved, it for approximately five years. I adapted and made concessions for its quirks and foibles as I knew that this particular model was no longer being made. I was well aware that our relationship was coming to a close, it was just a matter of time. And then, one fateful day, when I picked it up it literally fell apart in my hand! That was it. 
Sadly, I was forced to search for a new model, the day that I had long been dreading was upon me. I knew that I wanted another steam generator but wasn't sure which one. The prices for irons such as these range all over the place; one can literally spend as much as one has! Cost was important factor in my decision, I had a list of requirements and researched for hours. In the meantime I used the Rowenta Power Glide 2 pictured above. It works well, but it just wasn't quite the same. I need steam! steam! steam! 
After all of my research and reading as many reviews as I could find, I took a deep breath and settled on the Rowenta "Perfect Steam" model. Clearly, as I learned from the reviews, spending an exorbitant amount guaranteed absolutely nothing. My choice was definitely, what I would consider to be, mid-range in the cost department. It arrived on the doorstep two days later. So far, so good. We are developing a relationship and I am finding new features to love. This model has a removable water tank for filling (yes!) and a nicely designed tapered tip that makes ironing around buttons effortless. Yes, I iron more than quilt blocks!
The day after our recent vacation ended I was back at it, catching up on laundry. I am happily ironing away again with ease. It takes a while to fall in love again, but we're getting there. I receive no compensation from Rowenta, my experiences with their products are mine alone; keep in mind that this isn't a review but, rather, my own personal opinion based on what I like. Speaking of that, I did do some ironing while we were on the cruise ship. I didn't t take my own travel iron along, but used the one in the laundry room that was conveniently located just across the hall from our room. Mr. Goodneedle asked how I liked that iron. My response: "meh". He just smiled. Yeah, I know-- I suppose that I am an iron snob, I can own that. How about you? What do you need in an iron?

Life is Good!