15 June, 2024

Moving On…

Daily happenings around here: The Confetti Chain has moved off the design wall to be replaced with the Barn Stars. The National Park Panel has been quilted and awaits binding.
I’m pleased with the Classic Weave panto for this one. It has the softest chocolate brown flannel on the back.
I’ve been working on cross stitch in the evenings and am making some progress, albeit slow, on the Strawberry Sampler. 
Since I showed you how grown Mason has become I’ll do the same, here, with Gregory; here he is with his family’s new Bassett puppy, Molly.  
She’ll be soon grown too!
 And so it goes…one day at a time…
Life is Good!

13 June, 2024

The Confetti Chain and Other Warm Weather Happenings

This is what I'm calling "Confetti Chain",  as it stands right now, 24 blocks. I hope to add the same number more; making it a generous 60" X 80" quilt. Eventually.
Here's the basic block unit laid out. Each block has forty three pieces! I can't remember where I ever saw this and I can't find a source. My version uses lights and darks out of the 1.5" scrap bin for the 4-patches. The background is all different low volume prints (one of my fondest weaknesses) cut into the following: 7 - 2.5" squares, 2- 2.5" X 4.5" rectangles and 2- 2.5" X 6.5" rectangles. That's it. I keep these going by the machine all the time and stitch them up leader-ender style as I am assembling other things. I needed to get this together so that I could fold it up and get it off the design wall for now to start auditioning different projects that are also in the works.  
The birds are out in force! We've got five baby bluebird hatchlings in the birdhouse and various birds nesting everywhere around us! It might be hard to tell in the photo but this determined Mama decided to build her nest and start her family directly on top of a flood light under our eaves! We have to be careful not to turn that light on accidentally when we go outside after dark; talk about a rude awakening!
And this... totally unrelated to anything else in this post. Those of you who've followed this blog for a long time will remember when Mason, our oldest grandson, was born. He's now almost driving age and serving as a Jr. Swim Coach for his neighborhood pool this summer. Our daughter sent me this picture yesterday. Here is Mason holding one of the youngest swimmers that he coaches; at a meet last evening. Could this moment be any sweeter? I don't think so, at least not for this Nana. 
Don't forget- today, June 13th, 
is the day; make it count!
Life is Good! 

11 June, 2024

And That Wheel Keeps On Turning...

I don't know how many of you are "Wheel Watchers" and tuned in last Friday to hear Pat Sajak's final farewell to the game that he had hosted for 41 years! Yes; forty one years, 8,000 episodes, a HUGE feat! Beside that fact, I'd like to bring attention to his words of departure: he noted that Wheel of Fortune was "a safe place for family fun, no social issues, no politics, nothing embarrassing... just a game. A place where families came together with friends, neighbors and entire generations."  He ended by "thanking you for allowing me into your living rooms and into your lives." What a class act! I couldn't help but relate to this mindset. Since 2006, 18 years, I've kept this blog for exactly those same reasons. Simply a diversion. A place where anyone could stop by, see some pretty pictures and join in a discussion about quilting, needlework, family or faith life with no judgement. A safe place. 
I'm not retiring. I'm going to keep cranking them on out... blocks of the month, scrap quilts, UFO's cross stitch, pets, families, grandchildren, gardening, life in general; you name it. We all have lots in common and I love hearing from you!
...and SEW it goes! Eighteen years is far from forty one but we've had a good, long run together. Let's keep it going!
As for me, I'm very comfortable right here. I hope to see you again soon.
This wheel keeps on turning; thanks for taking the time to stop by. 
Life is Good!

08 June, 2024

Wonderful World of Color*

It's a beautiful time of year right now, there's color everywhere. . .
and the quilt blocks under the needle in the sewing room are no exception! I'm still plugging away on the Barn Star Sampler, playing catch up for time missed.
I'm back at it again today, stitching blocks. It's hard, though, when I'm distracted by the wonderful world of color that surrounds me just outside the door. What distracts you?
As for Augie, he's enjoying the warmer days and time spent out on the porch.
We won't get into what distracts him: a leaf blowing by, a reflection in the window, 
a dog barking on television, a fly buzzing by, a stick on the ground... the list goes on! 😄
Life is Good!

*Being of a certain age, this phrase conjures up images of Tinkerbell 
flying over Cinderella's Castle and turning the black and white images
to technicolor on the Sunday evening broadcasts of Walt Disney's TV show.
I recall being ten years old or so and allowed to watch it at a friend's
 home down the street; she had a color TV! Such a sweet memory.

30 May, 2024


Inspired by a photo in the Quiltfolk calendar, 
here's the Goodneedle version.  
*1993 model Ford F150 pickup truck, originally  
belonging to my father-in-law, it's in perfect condition.
Life is Good!


29 May, 2024

Summer Kick-Off

Well, now that Memorial Day has officially been observed; it's full speed ahead into summer. I'm ready! Having successfully navigated twice-a-week, post fracture, out patient physical therapy sessions I feel ready to tackle the world again! The therapist that I was assigned has been fabulous, he's young, motivated and extremely supportive of my desire to be fully healed, flexible and strong. He pushes me, and that's good. I have three levels of therapy bands attached to my longarm frame for mid-day strength training at home. This sign greeted me the other day when I checked in at the PT facility: 
              "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever". 
I placed flags in the pots outside our home this weekend, take a look at the bare-root, wintered-over geraniums on the steps. They've absolutely rebounded to full strength. Think of me as a geranium... bouncing back for all that I'm worth.
I'm slowly catching up on the blocks for Shelly Cavanna's Barn Star Sampler that's being taught, block-of-the-month style, at my LQS. This one, above, is the Carpenter Star.

And, the Tulip Star. These are BIG blocks. I'm using my own color choices and Wilmington Essentials "dry brush" line of fabrics to give mine an authentic "weathered" barn star appearance. The colors, too, put me in a happy, summertime state of mind.
Augie has a friend spending time with us this week. These two are so cute together, they play, chase, and wrestle with each other all day long; until they literally crash, in their respective beds. After napping, as soon as one raises a head, it's on... all over again!
Because summertime means vacation time, when better to quilt up this National Parks (one of my favorite vacation destinations) panel that's been hanging out in my stash closet for a few years? I already had the backing on the shelf, a super-soft, chocolate brown flannel for a cozy snuggle quilt. This pantograph is Classic Weave by Kathie James for Urban Elementz. 
Uncle Sam is once again serving as the summertime sentry to the studio. 

I'll conclude this kick-off to summer post with a laugh, who doesn't love a good flow chart?
Are you guilty? 
Life is Good!

24 May, 2024

Solving A Mystery

Do you like mysteries as much as I do? Here's one that I haven't been able to solve... yet. When we returned home from our road trip last week this T-shirt was in a fat envelope along with the accumulated mail. No card, no return address. Someone sent it to me and I have no idea where to send the thank you note! I love it, have already worn it several times, and am actually wearing it right now as I type. Certainly I'm in total agreement with the sentiment emblazoned across the front and am extremely grateful to the anonymous gift giver. I've asked all the normal suspects and everyone says "no, not me"; okay, I'm still on the trail. Suffice it to say that I am loving this new shirt. 
Do you know what you were doing 49 years ago today? I do! 
Look at this, we were just babies ourselves!
No mystery here as to the longevity of our marriage: 
mutual respect, love and commitment, and yes, gratitude~
to a loving and faithful God who has blessed us each and every day since. 

Life is Good!