31 October, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What ever happened to Kraft Fudgies? Just the thought of those golden wrappers makes my mouth water even now... when did they disappear from the scene?

I found this ad, too. I don't ever recall Fudgies packaged in the smaller 'tubes' as pictured,
this is dated 1958:Okay, so I was five years old then; maybe I've forgotten a few things!
Regardless of your age, I hope your Halloween is full
of sweet treats and happy memories.
This is Kyle at our church's Halloween carnival on Sunday,
proving that you're never too old to be a pumpkin!

Life is Good!


Nancy said...

Fudgies were excellent. So were Skybars.

quiltkeemosabe said...

Didn't they use to put just a couple of the fudgies in the caramel bag??? It was like finding the prize when you got one of them. I don't remember bags of nothing but fudgies, but why don't they??? My grandmother use to have a candy jar filled with the caramels. Fun memories.

Kyle said...

In recent years, I think I've seen some type of caramels with a few fudge ones sprinkled in... But I don't remember when or where... Maybe it's like the chocolate donut... *shrugs*

Salem Stitcher said...

You must be awfully proud of "your little pumpkin". Love the cap and the smile.

I can't recall Fudgies but my gransfather always had chocolate Ice Cubes. You can still find them at Mast General Store and I stock up whenever I'm in Asheville.

Pam said...

I remember fudgies - they were so good. I used to just love the caramels - they were my favourite. I don't remember the last time I had one of those. Do they still make them?

Sounds like a great trip to Mackinac Island (I'm a little behind) How far is it to the mainland that they travel on a snowmobile in the winter? The B&B looks lovely.

Laurie Ann said...

I was just wondering today, what ever happened to Mars Bars? Yum!

Carole said...

Happy Halloween! Yea, what ever happened to Kraft Fudgies? I remember getting those on Halloween, they along with chocolate bars, which were rare, were my favourites! Thanks for the memory!

Nan said...

Kraft Fudgies were one of my favorite candies - I didn't know they weren't making them anymore!
What a cute pumpkin!!

Shelina said...

Hmm, I remember the caramels, love them - don't remember any fudgies. They certainly do sound good.

Marcie said...

I have asked myself that same question! What ever happened to Kraft Fudgies? My dad always took a bag of those in his tackle box when he went fishing.