22 December, 2007

Who Lives Here?

...just in case you missed it at the front door before you entered...

or, when you examined the collection of miniature Quilt Shops scattered throughout the house:...or even when you sat before the coffee table in the family room:
you couldn't have missed seeing HER,
scurrying about the kitchen in her apron emblazoned with:
Yes, these are all sure signs that a quilter lives here.

Season's Greetings From the Strawberry Patch!
Life is Good!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

I knew I was in a special place when I sat down at the coffee table as I was served lovely treats. Shamefully I admit I missed Santa at the front door, hopping from foot to foot as I awaiting someone to open the door.

Next I'm going to "shrink to size" and go on a Shop Hop.

Sales Abound, *karendianne.

Ancestor Collector said...

I love this post!! Makes me feel a little closer to you at Christmas. :-) I think no matter when I visited though, I would always know a quilter lives in your home.

Ancestor Collector said...

I'm so excited!! Your 300th post winning gifts arrived yesterday! See my blog for a photo and a note of thanks. :-)

You're the best!

Shelina said...

Quilts add warmth to a house, and it is especially nice during the holiday season. Your decorations are wonderful - I especially liked the Santas made out of stars.

meggie said...

Love your little quilt shops!
And all the other lovely little Chrissy touches.

Have a Merry Christmas & all Good Wishes for the New Year.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Merry, Merry Christmas to my quilty-friend, Mrs. Goodneedle! (and my DH recently commented that there were no longer any chairs left where he could sit down without being attacked by a quilt draped over the chair's back...) So many colors, so little time!

Carole said...

It wonderful to look at someone's pictures and say "I made that Santa quilt!" lol I love Santa! Merry Christmas Debbie!

Darlene said...

Bet it feels warm and fuzzy in your home because "A quilter lives there". :-)

mamabeck said...


Just found you today through Bonnie @ quiltville.

I have to ask...where did you find the little German quilt shop (featherbed and coverings) house????