04 May, 2008

Bird Dog On Duty

This is another post about birds, "dove"-tailing (sorry) yesterday's Rose Breasted Grosbeak post. The birds have come to nest, everywhere! I was watering the pots on the patio when I heard a Cardinal scolding me from the branch of a nearby Maple tree. She was mad, too. On further inspection I realized that she had a nest of little ones right below the rail where I was standing and she wasn't any too pleased with my position! She's built the nest high, on a sturdy fork in the Euonymus hedge that surrounds the lower patio wall. I brought the camera outside to try and get a few shots of the baby Cardinals. Smart mama bird had built the nest under enough foliage cover that I couldn't get a clear shot...I borrowed this one from the www. However, since I was out there anyway, and had the camera, someone else was begging: "me, me, get a picture of me; look how cute I am on my perch!" Who's that you ask? The Carolina Wren who's built a tiny little cup of a nest within my hanging Ivy Geranium and laid three delicate eggs there? No, not that bird... but our resident bird dog, the mistress of the manor!
What a life, chaise and all; Diesel knows it:
Life is Good!


Tanya said...

How fun to have baby birds to watch over every day! Diesel is pretty handsome too!

quiltteacher said...

Diesel is enjoying his last few weeks with Nana before the wedding. You know with him going to live with Kyle & NW he is getting those last few hours on his country home patio!

Nane said...

I just love Labs.

Mama Koch said...

Looks like the kind of "watch" dog we have.