06 May, 2008

Lilac Breezes

Breathe in, deeply... fragrance is perfuming the air! I have the window open here at The Strawberry Patch; right now Sundance and I being treated to the best of all aroma therapy! This incredible Lilac sits just outside the window where I quilt. It provides a resting stop for the multitude of birds who feed nearby and is a glorious focal point these days in the natural area where it flourishes. My grandmother had Lilacs just like this outside the porch where I played when I was a little girl. The fragrance transports me through time and space; today I'm five years old all over again!
Breathe in, deeply... where can these sweetly scented Lilac breezes take you today?

Life is Good!


zizzybob said...

It was 1968 and my mother was having a wedding shower for me. She had the whole house filled with fresh cut lilacs. Wow, what a smell. Too bad they won't grow here in Florida, I do miss them.

paula, the quilter said...

I was making my way to my favorite coffee house, The Coffee Tree, when I was stopped dead in my tracks. Usually it smells like roasting coffee beans, but yesterday the aroma of lilacs filled the air. The lilac hedge at the church is just starting to bloom. Heavenly!

Katie said...

Now I was told Lilacs don't grow here. At least the kind from up north. So what kind is that lovely Lilac?

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Wow! I don't know that we ever had Lilacs to be honest with you. Lost of other things but not those.

Oh this is a lovely post. Thank you for a centering, peaceful post.

Floral at its Finest Love, *karendianne.

Salem Stitcher said...

You have your lilacs; I have my roses. They are both conjuring sweet memories. It is a wonderful thing.

Pam said...

There was a lilac bush outside the bedroom window of our home when we got married. Our first night home from our honeymoon was warm and we left the window open...Lilacs always take me back to those times of young love and new beginnings...31 years later the smell of lilacs remind me of our early married years.

We now have a lilac growing near our bedroom and the scent mixes with the jasmine...yummy.


Shelina said...

My lilac is blooming too, and wonderfully. The only problem is it is all the top where I can't reach it to bring in some cuttings.

KarenF said...

We had lilacs growing in the median in my childhood neighborhood (instead of two-way traffic they built one way streets with a natural median separating them...not something you see these days, but it was pretty cool and a fun place to explore)...anyway, there were lilacs everywhere...I especially remember them at the bus stop. Love that smell!!

My funniest lilac memory, though, is from when I moved to Myrtle Beach early in my career and was mesmerized by the "giant" lilacs...of course I felt like a complete idiot when I inquired about them at work only to discover that they were Wisteria...(we didn't have any of that in my neighborhood!)

mamaspark said...

I can't wait for ours to bloom! My friend has a May 15th birthday so I always pick some lilacs for her for her birthday and then the lab always smells so good!