13 June, 2008

Dust Bustin'

Here's my daughter and her teaching assistant packing up the classroom. I've been back in the Capital City assisting with this monumental chore. It was two days worth of work, toting a LOT of books! An elementary school teacher accumulates many things, did I mention that my daughter collects books? She does, and they're heavy! Bit by bit, box by box the classroom was emptied and scrubbed down. We had fun working side by side, we always have fun together. It wasn't all work. We went to Char-Grill for lunch on the second day. It's a unique fast food restaurant where one marks up their own order form outside, drops it through the slot in the glass and waits until their name is called. My chili dog was delicious! I had to keep my strength up after all. I arrived home in time for Church Council meeting last night. Today I spent time visiting with quilting friends I haven't seen for years at our "Quilting Pleasures" Guild Show. I needed some quilt therapy in the worst way, I'm itching to stitch and received much inspiration. I've been gone so much lately that my sewing machine is gathering dust; sadly, I may even have to reintroduce myself to Sundance! I have baby quilts to make, and time's a wastin'. I'd like to use the colors of this puppy dog as a color pallete for a wall quilt for the nursery. The blue matches the crib bedding, the green is fresh and lively, while a little touch of red adds interest and will match a rocking chair in the room. I'll have to see what I can find in my stash. In the meantime I need to embroider some burp cloths and bibs and, oh yeah, find my dust rag; I know there's a sewing machine under here somewhere!

Life is Good!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

DD is glowing!

Definitely the Chili Dog for strength - I like that. Nice touch Mrs. Goodneedle!

I love your inspiration palate puppy dog, too.

I'll bet Hannes will be happy to see you in there sewing away. We should ask him! ;)

Puppy Love, *karendianne.

mamaspark said...

That puppy dog is great.I love blue and green together, adding a touch of red is popular right now too.DD looks great, so glowy!

meggie said...

You have been busy, but it has obviously been fun too!

Quilt Memories said...

Your DD looks so good, I think I love the look of a healthy pregnant Mother almost as much as the baby itself. Of course the baby is more cuddly! Hope DD is doing good, GS will be here before you know it, better get quilting..
Hope the quilt show is very successful.Pictures please....

Cheryl said...

Your daughter is a beautiful mother to be and I know the two of you had so much fun working side by side. The Chili Dog sounds like it was really yummy! The puppy dog has wonderful colors and I know grandma will whip up some wonderful things to go with him. We have 8 more weeks to go till our GS arrives....but by the looks of the tummy I think sooner :-)!

Nan said...

Your daughter looks so happy! You've been a busy girl, but it's all wonderful busyness.
Your inspiration puppy dog has great colors - the wall quilt will be so pretty!