18 June, 2008

From The Sewing Chair...

Hey, guys! It's me again, Hannes. I haven't posted for awhile; my life's been a little stressful lately. Mom's been running here and there, hither and yon; sometimes she takes me with her and sometimes I stay at home with Dad. All of this activity is bothersome to say the least. Yesterday and the day before she stayed at home all day... it was heavenly. I stayed right here in my chair and she sewed sweet, soft things for my little nephew-to-be. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I like the staying home part, I'm not quite so confident that I'm going to like Mom dividing her attention between us when the baby arrives; that's what's worrisome. In less than two weeks now Dad will be home all day, every day. I may be dividing my own attention; maybe I'll spend mornings in the workshop or in the garage with Dad and afternoons in the Studio, I haven't quite decided yet. You know, I may even go to the Capital City now and then to see the little nephew, I hear he has an abundance of stuffed animals. Someone's going to have to check them out to see if they have squeakers inside, right? (That's my special talent!) It's the least that I can do!

Life is Good!


Karen Dianne Lee said...


Duke here! Lots happening at Chez Goodneedle. I look for the squeaky parts, too. This might be just the time to start the guilt trip - you need your own traveling basket of new stuffed toys.

Opportunistic Doggie Love, Duke Cuteamous!

Nane said...

Hannes, if you get too lonely I guess you can always invite Turbo back for a play date.

Libby said...

You might like the squeaker a lot, but try getting a hole in one of the toys . . . just big enough that you can pull out all of the stuffing. It's the most fun you will ever have.
Trust me on this,

leigh anna said...

i like nane's suggestion
i can help turbo pack her bags, in fact i'll just send her over and ship the bags soon there after.
i think turbo misses you
in fact i'm sure of it...
so i'll let her know the good news!

(we just wont tell kyle!)

Marcia said...

Little H,

I've checked and can't find any squeakers in the toys...but there are other interesting crackling and rattling noises that can be heard when shaking the toys. You'll have to ask your nephew if he minds you dissecting his toys to figure out what's inside! You'll have to complete with Riley if you just want to try Harper's suggestion of pulling out the stuffing, that's one of her favorite past times!

Nan said...

Oh Hannes, so good to hear from you! You are such a handsome lad. Don't forget that Mom and Dad love you, even though they will be a bit distracted when the baby comes. Don't get too carried away with the stuffed animals, though....you don't want to get yourself into trouble!

Joey and Maggie said...

Hannes is beautiful!

Your pals,
Joey and Maggie

boobook said...

super cute you are!
brooke and moca

Rhonda said...

My, you are looking handsomer everyday!
Suki and Yoshi will be over to help you look for those squeakies. Yoshi has the knack of finding those squeakies, and Suki will help you pulling out those squeakies!