03 July, 2008

Burping Baby

Yesterday I made up half a dozen of these cute, flannel "burp cloths" for my grandson-to-be. My daughter will need them if family history is any indicator! The pattern came to me from Cheryl over at Polka Dots & Rick Rack. She's also expecting a grandson, at about the same time! I measured the pattern and figured I could make six from 1 1/2 total yards of fabric, 3/4 yard each: fronts, and the same for the coordinating backs. One thing I didn't count on though, something new to me, a prominent printed label a good 3/4" up and off the selvage! Has anyone encountered this before? I measured only 41" of usable fabric across the width after subtracting for the printed label. I hope this isn't a new trend! Anyway, I have more burp cloths to make, these are quick and fast. I added a plain inner flannel layer, inside, to give these a little more "substance." I have some software for personalized burp pads made from cloth diapers, too. Let the spitting begin, Mom and Dad will be ready for anything!

Life is Good!


Ancestor Collector said...

Perfect! They'll be needed. They've come in very handy for my little g-baby.

Shelina said...

I have noticed that selvages tend to take a lot of room. Very annoying.

Leslie said...

If this is a trend we quilters should rise up and boycott those mfcr that do that. It's their way of selling more fabric. So annoying!
Have you heard of nursing covers, also known as Hooter Hiders? What a hoot is right!

There's a pattern on the web for this as well. Bet it'd be easy to make! I know I sure could've used one a time or two. :cD

Quiltdivajulie said...

Haven't seen that type of "label" yet ~ hope not to. I like the selvages the way they are (and my Selvages book still isn't here... DARN... soon, I hope!)

KarenF said...

That baby will be spitting in style! You've been busy...good thing we're having 2 days of retreat!

paula, the quilter said...

I haven't run across that type of selvage yet, but then I haven't really be buying *any* fabric. I sure is a rip off though.