06 September, 2008

Got Candy?

I love these things! They're just the "pick me up" that I need in the midafternoon; plus, they're sugar free! I always had a box of either these, or the Cola flavored variety, in my purse when we lived in their country or origin. I could find them everywhere back there, and then. I found these somewhere, here, not that long ago... but am unable to remember where. My inability to locate them has nothing to do with lack of searching, either. And so, my bloggy friends... I turn to you for help. Any leads as to where I might be able to find these Halter brand candies?


leigh anna said...

well if you are willing to buy them online....there are tons of places!
(amazon, drugstore.com are two to name a few)

Owens Family Adventures said...

I googled it and found a site called...halterbonbons.com
You just click on the picture of the globe and tell it you want the info in English and then you will be on your way! Happy snacking!