23 October, 2008

ACORN Convention

There was a gathering that occurred while we were gone last week, an acorn convention out on our patio; in fact it was still going on when we returned! No, not that ACORN group; but, rather, the oak tree variety. I simply could not believe the number of acorns... they were everywhere! Seriously, it was dangerous to step outside for fear of falling! We have two oaks that hang over the area but it's the sheer volume that had me researching this phenomenon. I found this list on The Old Farmer's Almanac website, apparently these bazillion acorns might be one natural forecaster of a long, cold, and severe winter ahead; could be, we're certainly long overdue for one! Have you seen any of these signs where you live? I've marked the ones that I have observed. What do you think, any truth in any of these?
* Very thick onion skins or corn husks.
* Woodpeckers sharing a tree.
* Early arrival of crickets on the hearth.
* Spiders spinning larger than usual webs.
* Lots of acorns. *
* A small rust/orange band on a wooly worm caterpillar.*
* Trees are laden with green leaves late in the fall. *
* Hickory nuts having heavy shells.
* Tree bark is heaviest on the north side of the tree.
* Crickets are in the chimney.
* Hoot owls call late into the fall.
* Raccoons have thick tails and bright bands.
* Squirrels gathering nuts early in the year.
* Pigs gathering sticks. Huh? For what? Building? Like the one in the 3 Little Pigs?
* Frequent halos/rings around the sun or moon.
* Heavy and numerous fogs in August. *

Life is Good!

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Baby Steps said...

We had a couple of crickets get into our house during the late summmer/early fall. Is that considered "early crickets on the hearth" or "crickets in the chimney"? I see another "fuzzy picture"!

Salem Stitcher said...

We have a convenition of acorns on our patio too. They hit the bricks and bounce up to hit the glass doors and it sounds like a war zone! We had a cricket in the house yesterday morning...maybe a sign? I'd like to see a little snow this winter here.

Nancy said...

What a delightful start to my day! Thank you so much.

Chilly, Near Philly

Quiltdivajulie said...

Add our yard to the list where acorns are extremely plentiful this year... our driveway and lawn are covered!

Heritage Quilter said...

I second, third the comments. Acorns are so plentiful. There are also a larger than normal about of Black Walnuts and Hicory Nuts around our house. I'm ready for a long, cold winter. To me, that means more quilt time.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

here in Newfoundland, Canada if there are large clusters of dogberries on the trees, it is a sign of a long cold winter. Today we are getting lots of snow flurries. Nothing is sticking to the ground yet. I'm not ready for another long hard winter. We get long winters here in NL. :(

Quiltingly Yours

Nane said...

Maybe the bountiful acorns will also mean Dad's pecan trees will be loaded down too this winter. They vary from year to year a lot.

mamaspark said...

Green leaves on the trees and halos are seen here in Michigan. I would welcome a really snowy winter!

Flake said...

Why the blurry edges of so many innocent pictures?

em's scrapbag said...

I've been reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingals Wilder to my daughter. In the book there were signs in nature to show that it was going to be a long winter and my was it a long hard winter for them. Don't know if there is any truth to it guess we will see.

Nan said...

Your acorn convention is really something! I loved reading all those things from the Almanac. I especially like the one about "pigs gathering sticks"! I didn't know pigs did that. Winter, here we come!

julieQ said...

WE have lots of acorns too! I saw a wooly caterpiller, and he did not have much wool. So a light winter for us? Hmmmm...

GARI said...

We not only have the convention of acorns but the squirrels have taken to storing and eating them under the hood of my car. My mechanic says I need to stop them as they also chew on the wires. Any ideas?

meggie said...

My favourite is pigs gathering sticks! I don't doubt that they do, because they build 'nests' when they are about to farrow- give birth- & they use whatever they can find.
Very interesting!

Carrie P. said...

I have heard about the acorns being plentiful means a harsh winter. I have a lot at our place too. I have heard the owls too. We will see.

Ms. Jan said...

We have a lot of acorns out west too. The blue jays have been loudly bullying all the other birds to get them and we've seen the squirrels going at them as well. We really need a long, wet winter out here. Fingers crossed in California!