06 October, 2008

The Things You Can't See

We received the phone call on Thursday evening last week, the son of friends of ours from church had been struck by a car while riding his bicycle. My heart sank. The phone report was optimistic, although he was bruised and battered it looked like he was going to be OK; in time. A quick 'thank you' prayer was offered up to God! I thought of this boy's parents and the anguish they were going through in a local emergency room. I thought of the friend who called us, she and her husband were on the scene just moments after the accident occurred, they had waited with our young friend until the ambulance arrived. Naturally, too, I thought about this boy and his physical pain and how frightened he must have been. And then, the second call came. My heart, at an already low level, sunk yet again. The driver of the car that struck him was a neighbor, a friend. She'd never seen him riding there, along side of the road as she slowed to make a right turn, she was almost home. He never saw her, either. He popped up off the side of the road to turn toward home, too... he was just a few yards from his own front door. I could only imagine her pain now, what has to be the worst nightmare of every single person who ever gets behind a steering wheel; a child, appearing out of nowhere, with no time to stop the car! I've seen our young friend since he has returned home, he's scraped up and bandaged, his wounds are visible to the world, he was playing a video game last evening and making plans to go back to school soon. He was talkative and hopeful for a speedy recovery. My neighbor's wounds are very different, they're not visible on the outside. Her pain is deep, debilitating and profound. Much like an iceberg, it's the portion below the surface that requires the most attention; her wounds will take time too, perhaps much more than the physical variety.

"Dear God, Help me remember that it's the things I can't see where
I need to pay the closest attention. I trust in you to lead me,
and open my eyes to all things, that I may be a blessing to those around me."

Life is Good!


Stephanie D. said...

A mother's worst nightmare--from each point of view. My heart did a flip-flop just reading it.

Rhonda said...

OMG! Your story brought tears to my eyes.... prayers for all your friends.

mamaspark said...

Will keep both in my prayers. Scary stuff.

Nancy said...

A sad story beautifully written, friend. I wonder if your church has a Stephen Ministry program? A one-on-one Christian Caregiver would be invaluable to this driver right now.

Todd, Kari, Anna and Gracie said...

Oh My!! That is terriable! They both went through a terriable ordeal....I know God had to of been looking out for both of them...they are still here with us. I will pray for both that they get through this~after what happend.

Nan said...

Your story goes to the heart of all things in life - the things we can't see are the most important. I am so pleased that the boy is all right. My prayers go out to all involved. May the wounds of the driver heal very quickly.