17 December, 2008

Multi-tasking... The Best And The Worst!

Christmas may just bring out the best in us, or does it? For sure I can do my very best (worst?) multi-tasking at this time of year! While the embroidery machine is blissfully creating a band of trumpeting angels I have wrapped gifts, addressed cards, written a shopping list and hemmed a bridesmaid's dress. That bridesmaid's dress belongs to my daughter-in-law, the wedding is Saturday. "Sure", I said, "I can do that"! I wanted to hem it the way it was from the store; a narrow, rolled hem; machine stitched. I had no problem whatsoever with the attached slip. I fed the wispy-thin fabric into my #61 rolled hem foot and quickly made small work of that task. Then, onto the dress itself... as soon as I cut off the offending two inches I realized I was in trouble... it began fraying like it's very life depended on it! Arrgghh!! A medium weight polyester satin, with a mind of it's own, it didn't want to behave and play nicely at all. The aforementioned foot was making mincemeat of the raw edge, little satin threads were spilling off at warp speed. I continued to proceed slowly, cautiously, and held my breath... somehow I managed to make it around the bottom of the skirt before I turned blue and passed out. I made my dear daughter-in-law promise that she wouldn't let anyone inspect the inside of her dress! It's a complete shaggy disaster in there, this hem is definitely in contention for the title: Worst Work Ever! What's the best thing about a bridesmaid's dress? No one ever wears them again, despite what every bride may think! Oh, yeah... and while this dress altercation alteration was going on I managed to bake a batch of cookies and create three more trumpeting angels! So, there you go, that's the story around here; the best and worst of my efforts, all at the very same time! ...'tis the season!

Life is Good!
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Lynn E said...

the trumpeting angel is very cute. What kind of stablizer do you use. I have a embroidery machine and haven't done any of the ornaments yet because I don't know which one to use. lol Merry Christmas

leigh anna said...

kyle promises when i start pulling my dress up .... he will take me home

however, he doesn't promise not to make me do it, just so he gets to leave early...and have "happy hour"


leigh anna said...

so kyle said that was not appropriate for me to write on your blog...
but i told him you would understand!

i meant happy hour...at a bar!

Kathie said...

your angel is beautiful
you make those on your embroidery machine
thats amazing.
wow, I am so impressed.
I agree sometimes fabrics just are not nice to work with and we do what we have to so the outside of the garment looks wonderful :)
no one has to see the insides :) the hem looks wonderful!

Nancy said...

You're wearing me out just reading about your accomplishments!

I have these three more days to finish out at work and then I'll be multi-tasking right along with you.

Getting ready for my wonderful sons and their equally wonderful wives to come for Christmas

And only time will tell whether any of the girls will pull her dress up! (Though I'd put my money on Caroline, who has Happy Hour each hour of her day!)

*karendianne. said...

Amazing! I'll bet you slept like a rock last night.

KarenF said...

hahahaha Leigh Anna!!! Hey, you're a newly-wed...the rest of us "been married forevers" know that only OUR happy hours happen in a bar..wink, wink, (giggle)!

Mrs. G, I LOVE the angel ornament!! You sure have been busy!

Cheryl said...

Have to repeat "amazing"!!!!!

paula, the quilter said...

O, my, I got a laugh out of leigh anna's comments. *giggle* A wedding at this time of year, what stress that added to the mother of the bride is just un-imaginable. Mrs. G you are just and amazing woman.

leigh anna said...

Im sorry for my comment

you know i didnt mean it the way it looks

oh well...whats done is done
however kyle is still shaking his head ....wondering what in the world was going through my head

lindsey said...

That angel is amazing! You have been so busy....I think my machine does some fancy things but I never get around to trying them out!