20 February, 2009

Small World

It was a privilege for me to attend a session of Kindermusik yesterday, along with my daughter and grandson. Pictured here with them is Mason's music teacher, Miss Diane. This precious woman is enriching another generation of my family with her musical gifts. Oh, yes; this very same teacher led the children's choir at our home church 25+ years ago, teaching both Mason's mommy and daddy! My heart was filled to overflowing with the magnitude of this gift and blessing, I believe that there are no coincidences in this life and that God delights in revealing Himself to us in the most amazing ways.

...It is, truly, a very small world...
I am grateful.
Life is Good!
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mamaspark said...

What a heart warming story! Thanks for your gift.

Nane said...

How fun, glad you got to join in.

Domestic Designer said...

How wonderful! What a blessing for this friend to share her gift for so long. I agree with you...I know that God reveals himself to us each and everyday. We just have to look for it!