21 July, 2009

"Let's Talk" Tuesday...

You know the drill, no further explanation is needed.

Deserted island, five things:

1. Without a doubt, my husband
2. The Bible
3. Coffee, good coffee.
4. My laptop with an Internet connection
5. Sunscreen

Life is Good!


quiltkeemosabe said...

No sewing items???? Oh, you'll probably make them from items on the island once you get there, right???

*karendianne. said...

For sure the computer if we have hookup. Assuming we don't however...

(1)The dogs (freaks me out to think of being on a deserted island & no dogs)

(2)The Bible

(3)Awakening the Buddha Within

(4)My Dad. (he's an outdoor survival guy.)

(5)A blonde barbie to keep him happy (I just realized I'd have to make a huge sacrifice to bring my Dad)

Nancy said...

1. MY husband
2. Bernina
3. Fabric
4. Laptop
5. Bagels, cream cheese and lox

Counting on you to share the coffee, Bible, and sunscreen; meanwhile you get to use my #2, 3 and 5!

And the husbands can chat away while we play . . . .

LauraQuilts said...

1. My husband
2. My kids + grands
3. My dogs
4. My friends (the dogs came first because they need me to take care of them. Can I bring the chickens?)
5. iPod
Wait! Wait! Five items are not enough. Is there power on this island? How about running fresh water - I want to see the brochure...

qltmom9 said...

I'm joining Nancy and you so you two bring plenty of the coffee and bagels.

1. MY darling dh
2. My 3yo, the other kids can take care of each other, but she's still so tiny and I need her snuggles.
3. fishing gear for the guys
4. I'll share a freezer full of steaks and those decadent looking desserts in the freezer section
5. I'll share sewing supplies too...we can't have enough fabric and needles!

Quilt Hollow said...

Do I have to bring things? :-) A quiet island with nothing sounds wonderful....you didn't say how long I had to stay.

Carrie P. said...

Let's see,
1. My husband too.
2. Have to have reading material, so my Bible too.
3. Never ending sweet tea.
4. a comfy chair with an umbrella
5. all my applique supplies.

Salem Stitcher said...

Okay, if it's only until we get "rescued", I'm leaving my husband behind because he will go nuts on an island...unless there are a couple of golf courses. And ig there are golf courses, he's on his own...no need for me to bring him along because I'd never see him anyway...too busy playing golf, you see.

(not that I'm complaining...golf time for him = quilt time for me)

So, back to the 5 things:

1. Shelby
2. applique supplies
3. my big chair & ottoman
4. my ipod
5. my computer if there's an internet connection, if not...a boat...so we can all visit each other on our little group of islands.

Salem Stitcher said...

What Shelby would bring to the island:

1. dino bones
2. her minky bone bed
3. kibble
4. her hedgehog
5. me

Anonymous said...

Since this is a deserted island & that means no people, I'm not bringing any *to* the island with me. The husband left us long ago anyway & I could totally live as a hermit. So my list would be:
1. Comfy chair
2. Supply of iced tea
3. Digital recorder and pens & paper to record all the prayers, thoughts & ideas I'd have while surrounded by peace & quiet
4. All my hand piecing projects
5. Insect repellent

The kids, the cat & the computer can all stay at home until I got back.


Libby said...

1 - Hubby
2 - Harper
3 - handwork
4 - hot sauce
5 - hi fi (okay really my iPod, but I was on a roll with the H's *s*)

*karendianne. said...

I've given this further thought and decided I'd need to edit #2, #3

(2) ...to purchase a Kindle so I can have all the books I need.

(3) Paper and something to write with. I'll want to keep a journal of all this.

I just wont be able to survive without my Dad since he knows how to do all that "survival stuff" and I've already commented what that entails.

Cheryl said...

My family(that's 5 but I am counting them as 1)..computer..something chocolate..a pillow...my collection of John Mayer music!

Domestic Designer said...

Only five? My husband, my kids, the Bible, Bernina, laptop. This is assuming that we already have fresh water, food source, and of course power. LOL

Karen Newman Fridy said...

I like your list, but I'd swap out the Bible for sewing items...see, with internet connection I could read it online! And I'd have to lose out on something else too so I could bring the dogs. And the kids! The deserted island wouldn't be too deserted afterall...

Quilt Memories said...

Only 5 things? WEll.......
1. Sister ( she would leave me alone sometimes so I could have quiet!!!!!!NO TALKING!!!!
2. Food....lots of it, I plan to stay a while!
3. Bernina/and lots of sewing supplies and fabric!
4.Bible and other books.
5. A moving van, That way, I can get all my stuff there and then have a clean? dry place to sleep.
I will use my fabric as a mattress.

Teresa said...

1) First aid kit - obviously I should never leave home without it
2)Be Attitudes Applique project box..maybe I can get it finished
3)Lots of pre-cooked food, no cooking on my island
4) comfy recliner that can double as a bed - I am not much for sleeping on the ground
Hubby can stay home, he would be miserable on the island and don't need a computer, all my blogging buddies are there with me.

After a week, I will be shouting..I'm a calamity, get me out of here!