14 January, 2010

It's The Count That Counts!

I pieced this second table topper over the weekend, it's done from a pattern found on the Moda Bake Shop and aptly named "Christmas Table Topper". The pattern requires two charm packs (prepackaged 5" squares representing a full line of fabrics by Moda, the manufacturer) and additional fabric for setting the blocks. Now, this is may be common knowledge to most of you, but it wasn't to me: charm packs don't all contain the same number of squares! Be sure and double check the number that you need before you assume that a charm pack (or two) will be enough! (The number of squares contained in the pack will be clearly marked on the reverse side of the pack.) I purchased two packs containing 40 squares each and needed eighty-one squares for nine 'Disappearing 9-Patch' blocks. Groan. I did have backing fabric purchased and cut a five inch square out of that to complete the top but will have to scramble now to buy more backing fabric. It only makes sense, now that I know not all charm packs are created equal. A word to the wise, from the now wiser: it's the count that counts!

Life is Good!
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LaurieG said...

I did not know that but I am seriously so glad that you shared your misfortune with us. Now I will be a better informed quilter when I buy those adorable charm packs for a specific pattern. Thanks.

Salem Stitcher said...

It sure turned out sweet! I'll have to check out the pattern. I have charm packs EVERYWHERE!

Debbie J said...

Its pretty! Thanks for the advice on the charm packs. I have some that were a gift and have been pulling from them regularly. My favorite pattern from Moda Bake Shop is the stacked coins baby quilt.

Karen said...

I had the exact same thing happen on that pattern! I was sewing the 9 patches together and couldn't figure out why I was short a charm (thought I'd lost it-I'm a little slow) then it hit me! I had bought 2 different fabrics for the "sashing" so am using that for 1 block. It makes me feel better to know it happened to someone else!

Barb said...

Great advice and thanks for the heads-up on this! But being a typical quilter you solved your problem of the missing square...and now searching for more backing :>)! Actually this happened to me with the purchase of a kit, and it makes me a bit concerned when I look at and admire kits!

Vicki said...

yep, I found out the hard way too-- that all charm packs are not equal in their number of squares. Now I have random odd ball disappearing 9's left over in a box that are from several things. I may have to make a coordinating pillow or something.

quiltmom said...

Great table topper Debbie,
It looks like a disappearing nine patch pattern-
I never thought to check how many charms in a pack- being short one is a bit of a pain - looks like you found a great solution.

Nice to see you back on line.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2010.
Warmest regards,

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Cute! I've made the same mistake before myself. And don't you just love that disappearing 9 patch?!?! I sure do! Jenn