20 April, 2010


I love my Nintendo DS for Brain Age training, I have both the original Brain Age and Brain Age 2 to vary my brain training regimen and keep my pre-frontal cortex active. A friend introduced my to the Virus Buster game (it's included on Brain Age 2 but I had not discovered it) it's not a training discipline, but a game to supposedly promote relaxation. She warned me that it was a time waster... I would like to declare publicly that she was, indeed, correct about that! I could play this game for hours on end in an attempt to better my score each round, it's completely addictive. The only place I even allow myself to play now is while I am embroidering by machine as I sit and keep a watchful eye over the proceedings. (I am ever-wary of any "glitches" that might occur after the machine ate my grandson's Christmas outfit last December!) Up until now I have found the act of sitting-by rather boring, but not anymore; there are some serious viruses to bust between thread changes! I have four more high school graduation quilts to add church logos to before they are layered for tying by the Quilt Ministry. The way I see it: each of these logos has a forty-eight minute stitch-out time, I should be able to show some impressive Virus Busting score improvement by the time they are completed! Oh yeah, and for the record, this game is anything but relaxing! What else can I find around here to embroider?

Life is Good!

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quiltkeemosabe said...

I am shocked that you are addicted to a video game!!!!! (Now I can play my mahjong guilt(or is that quilt) free!!!!)

Zlaty said...

That is a great idea to play on the DS while machine embroidering! Thanks for the tip! I don't play regularly but I have to look for that Virus game! :))

julieQ said...

Don't tell me about it, dear lady!! Next thing you know, I will be doing that AND quilting instead of my housework!

Teresa said...

Congratulations..again. My son's wife and my daughter have both had babies in the same year the with the last two pregnancies. It makes for a fun year, but goodness a lot to get ready for.

I read with great interest your prior two posts about quilt judging. Our guild is doing a judged show for the first time ever this year, and I am feeling very anxious about entering any of my quilts.

Heritage Quilter said...

LOL...that is so funny. I did the same thing while recovering from surgery last year. I love Brain Age too, but when I found this game, that is all I wanted to do for hours on end. Happy Playing!