02 July, 2011


I try to reply to your blog comments via e-mail, and most of the time I am able to do that. Not that my replies are all that clever or profound, but if you don't have an e-mail address attached to your profile you appear as "noreply-comment@ blogger.com" to me and I am unable to respond. It's simple to remedy this situation if you choose to, go in to your Blogger profile and find the edit tab, you can add an e-mail address there. If you never hear from me after a comment this is the reason. I hope to reply to you soon!

Life is Good!


Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Thanks for the reminder. I can't tell you the number of times I had an email composed and ready to send and then realized that I'd be sending it to "noreply-comment@blogger.com". :-( I'm going to follow your lead and post about that this weekend.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Ancestor Collector said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this! I should be reply-enabled now. :-) Happy 4th!!

Gari said...

I keep thinking I will write something similar. And for some reason I feel badly when I can't respond to a comment even though it is not my fault they are a no-response. :-o