16 August, 2011


here today is a soft and creamy beige.
All the better to show off the quilts,
no visual competition.

I love it, Hannes approves too.

Life is Good!

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*karendianne. said...

Okay Debbie, there's a ton of interest in this one. At least one block I've never really seen before and great fabrics. Perfect for the eyes, perfect placement. Love it. …and no medical intervention necessary with this lift, either.

Ancestor Collector said...

Looks wonderful!! :-)

Becky G said...

Oh my you are all early risers! Your couch, sweet dog, and quilt are so inviting! It looks lovely and so fresh. I am delighted by the setting of the beautiful blocks... Congrats! I warmly remember your story of your southern-novel character who did the upholstery! A great tale of living in the 'ole South.

Salem Stitcher said...

It's perfect!

JCnNC said...

Love the new look with the neutral sofa. Seems a lot of us are changing to the calmer backgrounds so we can let our quilts shine. So much more opportunity to change a look with just the switch of a quilt. Judy C sends her best

JCnNC said...

Forgot to say - where did that cute pillow go? It would be just right on your 'new' sofa. Judy C

Nane said...

Yep that will be the perfect companion for all types of quilts...GP and I need to keep that in mind when we select a new sectional for the quilt room.

Marydon said...

What a gorgeous quilt, Debbie. Love the colors.

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Have a beautiful week.

Janet O. said...

Ahh, yes. Just the thing!

julieQ said...

Looks so clean and wonderful...and that quilt is terrific!