14 January, 2012

TGCDP*, Part 2

Out of the closet and into the light... *The Great Closet Documentation Project began today. Each quilt was removed, pressed, measured and photographed for the record. This post contains those quilts from 1985-1994 (as best I can tell and remember) some are labeled but most aren't. I urge you to label and document all of your work! Believe me, in twenty plus years you won't remember! The best labels contain your name, the quilt name, your home address, the date (at very least, the year). The first five quilts pictured are hand quilted; and after that, as noted.
Double Wedding Ring
27" X 27"

Soccer Star
38" X 38"

Afternoon in June
52" X 40"

Sunshine and Shadow
52" X 40"

Rocking Horses
52" X 40"

A Trio of Feather Trees
1990, 1991, 1992
17" x 15", 18" x 16", 17" X 15"

Pictorial Applique Scene (hand applique, hand quilted)
29.5" X 38"  
detail from above
(hand painted and embroidered accents)

Advent Trees Wallhanging (hand quilted)
41" X 41"

Circular Patchwork Table Runner
60" X 17.5"

Milky Way (hand quilted)
40" X 40"

Tulip Time (hand quilted)
16" x 13"

Scrappy Pinwheel Stars
26.5" X 21"

Scrappy Stars
26.5" X 21"

Documentary Baskets
31" X 25"

Harvest Home
37" X 23"

Double Crossed and Tied
60" X 49"

Log Cabin Stars
42.5" X 35.5"

Which Witch?
33" X 21.5"

Mad About Plaid
24" X 19"

Rainbow Stars
14" X 11"

Thanks for joining me on this quilt journey through the decades, I will post more photos tomorrow and hope that you will continue along for the ride; there are a lot more quilts more to see... warts and all! 

Life is Good!


Karen said...

I made Harvest Home a long time ago. Love the turkeys.

Kelli said...

Gorgeous hand quilting, esp. noticeable on the pictorial applique. Love looking at all of the quilts. :o) Thanks for sharing. I need to start labeling!

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow - what fun!!! I wish I had been quilting that long. But I'll try to take your advice and document as I go. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a lot you have already accomplished on this mission ... I do well (for a while) with labels, but then I get off track and skip that step. I need to be more consistent!

Janet O. said...

You have produced so many lovely quilts. Do they ever see the light of day? I have only recently started labeling my quilts, but I have kept track of them all in a quilt journal. I need to use that info to go back and label older quilts.

AnnieO said...

The little blonde girl with the little red-headed boy seems to be a theme in your family :) What a fun look back! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you on the labeling--time goes so fast it is easy to forget even the YEAR let alone the month and place!

regan said...

These are all so sweet! I love how charming the appliqued scene is. Love the apple core next to the little boy! Ha!

Are you going to hang any of these throughout the house, or are they getting stored again? I think they all look great, and you could certainly show them off! And those baby quilts are so dear!

Quilter Steph said...

Hi! Your Double Wedding Ring is really old! It's from 1885! It's pretty.

Pen Pen said...

Fun! You have made some very pretty quilts! Isn't if fun to see the shift in colors through the years?

cindyquiltsOR said...

Man o man. So many quilts and so little time!

Thanks for the journey ...

*karendianne. said...

Oh Debbie, what a treat!! Thanks for sharing. It's really neat to see your work for some many years ago. I felt like I could watch your interest in different techniques reflected here as well as the increase in your skill level. Would you agree?

JCnNC said...

What fun - I am loving this quilt show and to see so many that are hand quilted - lucky you for being able to hand quilt.

I currently have all my labeled quilts hanging in a closet on pant/skirt hangers, but still need to take pictures to document.

Looking forward to Part 3. Organizing is so freeing. Judy C

quiltkeemosabe said...

All of those in the closet??!!! Glad they've been found and documented. Where are they going to now?? Hanging them on hangers sounds like a good idea.

KaHolly said...

How beautiful, each and every one!! They need to STAY out of the closet (well, except maybe the seasonal pieces).

Paula TheQuilter said...

What a wonderful quilt show, thank you! I not only label my quilts, but I keep a hand-written journal about current events as I am working on the quilt. I have 2 scrapbooks full. (Sounds about like Baa Baa Black Sheep, doesn't it?)

Angie said...

What luscious treasures you have, Mrs. G!! Ooooh I would love to come and play in that closet... :D Hugs to Hannes!

cityquilter said...

great quilt show mrs goodneedle!

Anonymous said...


Carrie P. said...

Well I certainly have enjoyed seeing all the quilts from these posts. YOu sure do have a lot. It has been interesting to see the fabrics used in them too.

Elita in GE said...

I just took a trip down memory lane with your quilts that came out of the closet. I was tickled to see the AWC one as well as Beacons of Light. I still have a pic of Beacons as one of those I want to do! lol