27 March, 2012

Time's Up!

I'm still around! Don't send the search dogs. I have been focused like a laser beam and have limited, seriously, my computer time the last few days. In fact, when I have been on the computer I have set the timer to ten minutes, answered
e-mail, and jumped off at the beep. I downloaded a timer to my homepage from some free gadgets offered and it works like magic, I love it. I shall return, before too long, with 'show and tell'!
Life is Good!


Becky G said...

Glad to know you are alright! Can't wait to see what you have been working on!

Janet O. said...

Such discipline. Just what I have come to expect from Mrs. G.!

KaHolly said...

I NEED one of those timers!! Will have to look for it! I've scarcely been on the comptuter, either. I hope I don't miss anything important!!

straythreads said...

great idea I used to to that to get my kids to do their homework in a timely manner.

Shakerwood said...

I found it AND I'll be using it .... what a great find!