16 June, 2012


We were in St. Petersburg, Russia for two days and we still didn't really scratch the surface of all there was to see; the city is HUGE! It's been a hard job deciding which photos to post because I have so many! We visited  cathedrals and palaces on Day #1 and, literally, walked until our feet ached! When I think back on our visit here I will remember three things:
1. the ceilings
2. the floors
3. our tireless tour guide, Olga.

C'mon along...
This is St. Isaac's Cathedral, where our tour began.
Monument to Nicholas I in St. Isaac's Square.

Olga and me, early on the morning of 29 May in St. Isaac's Square.
On the advice of friends we chose to go with a private tour agency apart from the ship's offering.
We were surprised to learn that we had our own tour guide and driver; this was a fortunate bonus...
Olga was energetic and extremely knowledgeable and Dimitri (driver) was adept at handling the traffic!

The golden spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Viewing St. Petersburg via the canal, it was a breezy boat ride!

St. Peterburg, another view from the canal.

The Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood.
This church was built on the site of the assassination of Alexander II.
It was closed in the 1930's during the time of occupation and destruction by the Bolsheviks;
it reopened in 1997 after extensive restoration.

This photograph is taken straight up into the ceiling dome, the mosaics in this church are stunningly beautiful.

Another view of the church, this one from Nevsky Prospekt, the main avenue in St. Petersburg.

Inside the Yusupov Palace (see what I mean about ceilings and floors?) the home of Russian nobility.

Recreation of the room where Grigory Rasputin (right) was murdered in 1916.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow; more floors, more ceilings, more from this incredible city!
Life is Good!


Impera_Magna said...

Wow... thanks for sharing these photos! I'd love to go there but have the feeling that that won't be happening...

Laura said...

I'm so happy you liked Petersburg. I lived there for a semester in college, and while I've spent time in other parts of Russia, Petersburg will always be my favorite!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, the opulence!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Incredible to think about the juxtaposition of day to day life with such beauty and magnificence.

LizA. said...

Just one word -- WOW!

Janet O. said...

Stunning stuff!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous! I am green with envy.

Becky G said...

Russian Orthodox Icons are amazing.... Wondering if you bought any? These photos are wonderful... Not only what you photographed, but how you photographed them. Thanks so much for sharing. B

Ineke van den Akker said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
with love from Holland,