21 June, 2012


We entered the archipelago, a series of small islands and rocky outcroppings all dotted with summer houses, heading toward Stockholm at approximately 5:30 AM on the morning of June 1. The day dawned soggy (HEAVY RAIN) and cold (45 degrees) with a moderate wind. Enjoy these photos of the archipelago and our approach into the port at Stockholm:

Undaunted, we left the ship after a quick breakfast and boarded a water taxi to take is into
 Stockholm city where we strolled through the streets of the Old Town early on a soggy Friday morning.

The black iron horse sign is marked "LIVRUSTKAMMAREN",
identifying this building as the armory.

We arrived at our destination, Vasamuseet, (The Vasa Museum) and waited
(along with a hoard of other drenched visitors) until the doors opened.
We weren't disappointed to have ventured out; the recovered and restored Vasa
and the museum that was built around her were the perfect place to spend the morning.

The restoration on this 17th century flagship, which sunk promptly after her launch in 1628,
took almost thirty years; from 1961 when it was discovered lying intact an the bottom of the harbor, to 1990, when the Vasamuseet was opened to the public. Due to the fact that the water here is brackish,
there is no environmental support for worms or other organisms that would characteristically feast on submerged wood, the elaborate wood carvings in the ship's keel remained extremely well-preserved.

Our port time was short in Stockholm, we sailed away shortly after lunch;
due to the weather conditions here, however, we wouldn't have spent any more time exploring.
Armed with a white chocolate mocha and a good book, in a warm and dry stateroom,
I  found the perfect place to spend the afternoon sailing back out of the same archipelago... stunning!

Life is Good!

Tomorrow: Sea day, as our ship heads back to Copenhagen and disembarkation.


LizA. said...

The first pics remind me very much of the San Juan Islands here in Puget Sound.

I LOVE the baptist fan design of the cobblestoneS. didn't realize just how large that ship is--wow!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I love that the exterior of the museum illustrates the full rigging of the ship . . . fascinating place.

Love those rainy day photos ... adds another layer to the depth of the scenes.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I would have loved sailing into Stockholm that way! Next time . . . .

Nane said...

I would have enjoyed seeing that ship! The hot drink in a dry stateroom seems a great way to chase off the chill of the morning. One of my favorite memories of our Akaskan cruise was sitting in the deck under wool blankets in Glacier Bay and being served hot split pea soup.

Ancestor Collector said...

Imagine the hours/days/weeks of craftsmanship all that ornate carving required! Love the archipelago...so beautiful. And who would think that a huge cruise ship would fit in between all those little islands?!! You certainly had some chilly, rainy weather. I know this was your anniversary trip, but do you wish you'd traveled during the warmer months?

Janet O. said...

I look at that tiny little island barely keeping that house out of water and wonder how they survive there. Wouldn't a storm swallow them?
That ship is incredible. Just seeing the photos leaves me in awe of the history it represents.

Salem Stitcher said...

The ship is fascinating. I would love to see it. It's also fun that you and Nancy were both there!

straythreads said...

Thanks for the preview of Stockholm. We leave in a week.

lindsey said...

Great photo's, I love the summer houses and the little island

Carrie P. said...

how cool to live on an island.
that ship is neat. I like the photo that shows how big it really is compared to the people.

AnnieO said...

Thanks for the island by island entry and the fabulous Vasa--how dramatically they have lighted it in addition to the amazement at its condition and sheer size. Great tour!

Elita en Suisse said...

Thanks for bringing us all along on your trip! It looks like loads of fun to see all those beautiful places. What a great way to make your anniversary celebrations last too! :-) Keep the pics coming... xx

regan said...

I've really enjoyed all of your travel adventures! Thanks for bringing us along! I'm going to check into Princess cruises.....I'd love to do this itinerary!