10 June, 2012


Warnemunde, Germany; this photo was taken from our ship, in port.
 We docked at approximately 5:30 AM, on 
May 26, ate a quick breakfast
 and we were off, to Berlin, for an all-day sightseeing tour.
We traveled into Berlin by rail, the ride was close to three hours each way.

This isn't a sight you see back home. Roses for sale in the train station.
I'm not sure what the coffee cup hat with newspaper and croissant were all about.

From the train station we boarded buses for the city tour.

A remaining section of the Berlin Wall, painted with symbols of freedom.

November 9, 1989; the day the wall came down.
I remember where I was when I heard the news... do you?

Remaining wall sections have been adopted and painted
by local artists, providing unique photo-ops. 

I'm thinking this was an old Russian car, a Lata,
there were many of them parked along the street.
Back on the bus, more of Berlin to see!

Copper relief work on the outside of a Berlin church,
portrayal of the signing of the Augsburg Confession.

Wanna cab ride? There are hardy bicyclists who will pedal you around.

Statue of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia.

The Brandenburg Gate, the famed Berlin landmark and origination point
for the Unter den Linden (boulevard of Linden trees).
These trees were originally planted for their shade and pleasant scent
as this route to the Royal Palace was formerly was lined, centuries ago, with open sewers.

The Linden tree, the flowers are known for their pleasant and delicate scent. 

All that sight-seeing made our tour group hungry,
a lunch at the Berlin Hilton was a welcome stop.

Lobby in the Berlin Hilton.

The Daily Mirror

This Berlin bear was head over heels to meet me!

Large central plaza between churches and performing arts theater, a hub of activity.

The former Reichstag (Parliament) building. Destroyed by fire and abandoned after WWII
it was refurbished after reuinification of Germany and became the home to the German Parliament
once again in 1999, now known as Bundestag, the House of Representatives.

I'm not sure how this works: it's the Beer Bike.
I took the photo through the bus window, sorry for the reflection;
there were eight guys pedaling, a big barrel of beer, and loud music.
I guess that's all there is to it, maybe that's enough.

Bellevue, the President's palace.
The flag is flying, I guess that means he's at home.
Nice house, I wouldn't leave either.

This is a reconstructed model of Checkpoint Charlie at the Allied Museum.
Mr. Goodneedle is presenting his passport for passage.

This is the actual facade of the original Checkpoint Charlie, now on display.
We visited the site of the actual checkpoint but it was too crowded to take any photos.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the original ceiling tiles.

More of the Kaiser Wilhelm Church, destroyed in an air raid during WWII it fell into
disrepair and ruin. A campaign was organized in the 1960's to begin to rebuild the church.
Most of the old church and tower are shrouded in scaffold as repairs and rebuilding continue.
This is the new section, built beside and around the ruin.
The light coming through these windows was nothing short of stunning.

I remember, years ago, reading a story about this church in Guideposts magazine.
I cannot remember when that was, precisely, but I would love to read the story again now.

Life is Good!

From Warnemunde we're bound for Tallinn, Estonia.

Observances from my journal:
1.  Frederick the Great introduced the potato to Europe. Originally it was a delicacy
 of the aristocracy before it became a food for the masses.
2.  Wolfgang, our tour guide, used the word "inspirated" in place of inspired.
A translation error that tickled me for some reason, I may just use this new word, I like it! 
3.  If any dessert is offered "mit Vanillesauce" (with vanilla sauce) it's mine. Yum.


Suzan said...

The photos from inside the Kaiser Wilhelm Church are beautiful. The Christ figure over the altar and those gorgeous windows must have been breathtaking!

Laura said...

DH and I visited Germany a few years ago (Munich and Stuttgart) and loved it! From your pictures I think we need to take another trip back, this time to Berlin!

Nane said...

I remember the wall coming down but not sure I really grasped how big a deal it was at the time. Enjoying your recap of your trip a lot

regan said...

Do you speak any of the languages of these countries you're visiting, or are there a lot of English speaking folks there? It's my biggest fright to think to be stuck somewhere, and no one speaks English! :0)

LizA. said...

Wonderful pics--those windows look absolutely amazing! I see many things in your pics to inspire a quilter.....Someday I will get there.....

Ancestor Collector said...

Such beautiful photos! I love the photo of the church windows....stunning! Can you imagine worshipping there every Sunday? We've never been to Berlin but there was a piece of the Wall on Brent's campus....very moving, even there.

AnnieO said...

Great that you had a lovely sunny day to enhance all your wonderful photos! Quite an amazing tour you had. I like "inspirated" too :)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Am enjoying your travelogue SO much! Vanilla sauce was popular in Copenhagen and Stockholm, too . . . . .

Quiltdivajulie said...

Marvelous -- good thing they keep you on a schedule. I would want to sit still in some of those places to soak up and absorb the experience.

Carrie P. said...

enjoyed following your trip. You sure were blessed with great weather.

Jeanne said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos from Berlin. My grandmother was born there and it's on my bucket list of places to visit.

MJMR said...

Flowers are sold everywhere in Germany. The bouquets are beutiful and usually most usual in design. My cousin (the family CIA agent) was in Berlin when the wall came down. He said watching it fall was one of his most cherish memories. He has lived in Germany about 30 years. His wife is German and both his sons were born there. This past year he retired from his civilian job with the military.

Salem Stitcher said...

I stayed at the Berlin Hilton years ago. It was the 4th anniversary of the reunification and we saw Elton John at the Brandenburg Gate. He was giving a free concert as part of the celebration. The Kaiser Wilhelm Church was still a ruin which made an impression on me. I would love to go back and see it now.