21 August, 2012

On Demand!

I joined QNNtv as a subscriber last month and it's been money well spent. On the advice of a friend (one who's been stitching out some knock-your-socks-off quilting lately)  I decided to try it out for a month before I jumped in the deep end. It's great; I have since become an annual subscriber; I never knew what I'd been missing. I can watch any of the quilting episodes whenever I want, replay the technique oriented episodes over and over, and then go right to Sundance and try them out! This is "on demand" viewing at its absolute best! Check it out, there's some complimentary videos to give you a taste of the programming, there is something for everyone; fabric selection and design work through quilting, traditional to contemporary. Thanks, Gina, for pointing me in right the direction, I've learned a LOT, it's all good, and I'm not looking back!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Sounds wonderful, but it also scares me. I have a hard enough time getting away from the computer, and this would be a monumental temptation to me.
I hope you will soon share with us some of the things you and Sundance create with what you have learned. : )

Pen Pen said...

Thank you!! I'm gonna check this out!

Linnie Quilts said...

How did you try it for just a month? When I clicked on signing up it was either a month-to-month option or signing up for a year ... or did you sign up for a month-to-month option and will cancel if not pleased or extend for the year if you are? Just in case I'm missing something on the website ... I agree with you ~ it looks interesting but may gobble up even more screen time {{sigh}}

LizA. said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been tempted to join and now I think I will--Soon.