13 August, 2012

Which Book?

Which quilt book is the hardest working one in your sewing room? Without a doubt this one, Picture Play Quilts by Ami Simms, is the most worn out and often used book in mine. I am currently working on my tenth (and soon to be eleventh) quilt out of Picture Play Quilts for two little ones that will both turn two years old within the next few months! I have been collecting novelty fabrics for well over ten years and have bins and bins of them. They're sorted by fat quarter cuts, four inch squares, three inch squares and two inch squares. I have a bin for the trimmings as well; those odd shapes and strips come in handy when crazy patching the borders as I will with these next two quilts.

This is the latest addition to my novelty collection, given to me by a friend who works at Krispy Kreme.
(It's not yardage as such; but rather, size 2X boxer shorts, it will yield a LOT of little squares!)
This hometown favorite adds even more fun to these next two quilts, it will find its way into both of them!
Here's the layout, on the design wall in its rough form. I am fine tuning the blocks by trimming them
to size and have begun placing the inner sashing and cornerstones, there are 117 blocks.
I plan to add a few photo transfers to further personalize the quilt and add some special appliques too.
In order for the newest Picture Play quilt to gain  layout space on the wall something had to come down!
Here's "Dixie,
No Muskets!" with all her borders attached (96" X 96"). She's now waiting for a quilting date
with Sundance; she'd better get comfortable hanging in the closet...there's a long waiting list!

So, back to the original question: which quilt book is YOUR hardest working one?
Life is Good!


regan said...

My go-to book is Terri Zegart's 'Quilts - An American Heritage'...it's not a pattern book, but I get so much inspiration just looking at all the antique quilts in it. Flip a few pages, and I'm ready to sew again! :o)

And OH MY GOODNESS.....I didn't know there was Krispy Kreme fabric! OH! That's awesome! It will make the sweetest quilt! :o)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Around The Block, by Judy Hopkins. It is falling apart.

AnnieO said...

What fun quilts those will be! Novelty prints are something I don't seem to buy at all, but I haven't started making quilts for little ones yet :) I tend to go to my magazines--AP&Q is my fave. Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website is another great inspriation for the scrappy quilts I love.

Janet O. said...

I really lack novelty prints in my stash, too. Those look like very fun quilts.
I don't think I have one book that I use a great deal. I'll have to give that some thought. Mom is wearing out a couple of my books. : )

LizA. said...

I've got plenty of spotted dog fabrics if you need any of those. Just say the word.....

Linnie Quilts said...

I have WAY too many books to have a favorite ~ almost as "bad" as my fabric stash. I gather patterns from magazines as well. Would that be considered a "paper" addiction in addition to my fabric addiction? LOL I am a devout reader of Bonnie Hunter's website (Quiltville) as well, like AnnieO. Good resources for inspiration.

quilter said...

I use the same book for my "I Spy" quilts and I've had more fun making those. Where could I find some of the Krispy Kreme boxers? When I made our granddaughter's quilt, I cut up a pair of my husband's U of M boxers so I could include the big M. My granddaughter thought that was so funny!!