13 October, 2012


Our little pumpkin had a birthday earlier this month! Here she is, on her big day, holding the very clothes that she wore home from the hospital two years ago! Do you think she's grown at all?  I embroidered a few little T-shirts for her yesterday. The one on the left is to coordinate with the skirt fabric beneath; the one on the right is just because she's our pumpkin.  Nana loves you, Lucy Ann!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

And what a cute pumpkin she is. I have two grandchildren celebrating birthdays this month.
Now, my birthday is near Thanksgiving, and I was always a little turkey (to my friends). Pumpkin is so much cuter! : )

Karen said...

What a cutie!

Your other grandchildren are growing so fast, as well as the little pumpkin!

Your kitchen must have smelled heavenly as you baked the apple things!

LizA. said...

No way! She can't possibly be two already?! Before you know it she's going to be heading off to college.....love the outfits Nana.

Nane said...

She is bound to be the best dressed pumpkin around

Ancestor Collector said...

Time goes by so fast! Lucy Ann is just so sweet! :-)