26 October, 2012

Status Update

This was the view from the waiting room chair for most of my day yesterday; I spent the time reading and visiting with/supporting my daughter-in-law. Since the last time I waited out a surgery the hospital has installed a patient status board on the wall.
Much like a status board in the airport that keeps track of flights this one keep track of surgical patients. It was encouraging to be able to watch the progress, albeit slow, from Pre Op to the OR to Post Op. Kyle did well and your prayers on his behalf are most gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated. The surgery was fairly straight forward and, thankfully, there was no additional damage to the ligaments. He and his crutches will be best friends for the next six weeks and then he will progress into a walking boot. He gave me a smile yesterday afternoon before I left him, even though he felt sick as a dog (sorry, Hannes!) from the combined effects of anesthesia, pain medicine and an empty stomach. His sense of humor and wit were no worse for the wear; and when this mother's heart was aching for what he was going through he managed, in his very own signature way, to cheer me with a smile and a quip despite the circumstances.
The very best view: the patient resting at home;
wearing the ultimate status update: his smile.
Hang in there, Kyle; 

Y you!

Life is Good!


Ancestor Collector said...
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Ancestor Collector said...

Ah, the tell-tale pink basin! I think every hospital gets them from the same supplier. ;-) So glad Kyle came through his surgery well. Now forward, through the healing, and back to life!

Marilyn said...

That is great news.....what can be better than a
smile !

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Golly, it is hard to be a mom when they are hurting! So glad everything went well, and prayers for a smooth recovery.

Janet O. said...

That nausea from those combined forces is an all too recent memory for me. I feel for him!!
Glad all went well and pray that it continues to do so.
The patient status board is an interesting addition!

Carrie P. said...

Poor Kyle, he sure has been through it with both legs. I pray for a complete and quick healing.
Love Gregory's new quilt. What fun he will have spying all those things on it.

Quiltdivajulie said...

A patient status board -- hmmmm - haven't seen one of those before.

Glad he is home and beginning the process of recovery. One day (and smile)at a time!

Becky G said...

So glad the surgery is over. Continuing prayers for his safe, quick and complete recovery; for wisdom and insight for his physicians; strength and joy for all his family and for the tangible experience of the Holy Spirit 's activity. B

Charleen said...

They had those patient status boards and U of Penn hospital this summer. So glad that Kyle is feeling better and gets to recuperate at home.

straythreads said...

so glad everything went well and he is smiling

quilter said...

I hope Kyle is feeling better today and doesn't need the dreaded pink basin any longer.


Quilting4U said...

Oh dear! I hope he is better real soon!!

Domestic Designer said...

Hope he has a speedy recovery! I will keep him in my prayers.