05 November, 2012

Haunts and Happenings...

 ...  a wrap-up of the last few days and the weekend.
We had a lone trick-or-treater on Halloween, our grandson! He was confused by the whole process: "Why am I wearing my glow-in-the-dark pj's and ringing doorbells? Why are they giving me candy and why can't I stay longer... I don't want to get back in the car!" He wasn't sure about the light-stick that Nana had for him either, there was no on/off switch! Next year he'll have this all figured out.
Lady L. finished piecing her chevron lap quilt and will tie-dye a piece of fabric for her backing.
Isn't this a happy quilt and quiltmaker? Her aunt, one of the B. Sisters, is her half-hidden quilt holder.

From Pawpaw's woodworking shop: Gregory's handmade big-boy bed!
My husband is still working on the drawer units that go below the bed, 
he wanted this much to be put together by Saturday, so that Gregory 
could see what his bed will look like. It's OK (with me) that it's not completely 
finished, his quilt is still on Sundance being quilted, and they're a package deal!

Gregory's 2nd birthday! Friends and family gathered at Chez Goodneedle for fun,
celebration, and souvenir mouse ears! It was a wonderful, happy day in every way.

I caught up on my Bless This House applique block-of-the-month,
no minute like the last minute; class is coming up on Wednesday evening!
This is block #7, I need to lay them all out and take a picture of them together;
this is turning out to be a nice combination of folk art applique, I'm happy with the results.

This was from Sunday too, I adore this photograph and just had to share it.
Our son and his son, relaxing at their home, I just love these two boys.

Days have been full and busy lately; we're happy, blessed and very grateful.

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Precious memories you are building.
The chevron quilt is beautiful. What a nice start to a quilting journey. : )
I am anxious to see your Bless This House blocks all together.

Nane said...

Wow at it all! Mr G's project looks wonderful. A perfect matched set it will be.

Becky G said...

Amazing post! The big boy bed blows my mind!... so many hopeful posts, thanks!

*karendianne. said...

Aww, what an absolutely wonderful post. Abundance!!!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

What a beautiful post ~ thanks for sharing all your joy ~ made my heart smile ;-) LOVE the big boy bed ... Mr. G is VERY talented. The picture of your "boys" was great ... it will be precious as they grow up SO quickly.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Life is INDEED good!

AnnieO said...

I always smile at the little ones who want to step right in the house when the door is opened for trick or treat! He looks tuckered out in that photo :) Glad all the celebrating is keeping folks occupied. I want a big boy bed like that too!

Michele said...

What lovely family memories! The costume is adorable :-)

LizA. said...

What a beautiful family. You can bet NEXT Halloween will be a different story.....what a talented man That Mr. G. is--lucky you.

Ancestor Collector said...

You've had lots of fun things going on! Love Gregory's big boy bed....tell Mr. G that his work is just superb! I'm wondering how many hours this project has taken him. You two have quite the busy workshops!

straythreads said...

You ARE blessed

Anonymous said...

I can understand Gregory's confusion,after all, we teach our kids not to take candy from strangers, then we send them out to do just that! Too funny!

Tanya said...

I love that Chevron quilt. Please let the creator know she made a beauty.

Wow, Gregory is getting so big!