16 November, 2012

Mountain Interlude

We left late yesterday afternoon and headed west, into the setting sun and toward  the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We had been invited to attend a Middle School production of The Little Mermaid starring the son of a former church member as Sebastian. He did a fantastic job and we were so happy that we made the trip. It was so good to see our friends, even though there was barely a moment for a quick hug and settling into our seats before the curtain went up for show time!
One incredible crustacean; Bradley as Sebastian!
All too soon the final production number was over and it was time to hit the road again.
My husband had the idea to grocery shop as long as we were out, when we got closer to home.
Do you have any idea how shopper-free a WalMart is at 11 PM?
We zipped through the aisles in record time; I suggested that we make this kind of late-night shopping a habit; me... the one who falls asleep every night at 8 o'clock! My husband just smiled. 
Oh, yeah...it must have been the influence of that thin mountain air on my brain; never mind.

Life is Good! 


Janet O. said...

Looks like a fun production. Live theater is so spontaneous--the younger the better! : )
When my children were young and a handful I used to wait until they were in bed to do my big, monthly shopping trip. I would usually reach the store after 9 p.m. and get home about 11 p.m. The store was very quiet. When my children were all in school and I started shopping in the daytime I had a hard time getting used to the crowds and the noise. Now I could never shop that late.

AnnieO said...

That is a darling crustacean! Me, I love shopping late at night, especially during holiday time when dept stores stay open later and usually the crying babies have all be taken home by 9:30 or so :)

Teresa said...

A beautiful picture. I had to buy schoool supplies for our church one year - we had taken up funds to "stuff" bookbags. I went to Walmart at 5:00am and practically had the store to myself - it was GRRRRrreat!

jude's page said...

I love to shop early in the morning, although have to say I don't love to shop at all, but its something that must be done.
And I am usually asleep by 8pm too.

Michelle said...

I used to do all of my grocery shopping in the middle of the night, after getting off swing shift. It was much easier!