09 December, 2012

All Year?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; if that's the case this one is worth that and much more.

I can think of a million captions for this photo. 
If Lucy Ann's expression could be 
put into words it might be:
"What? Good all year?? 
I thought it was good all day!"

I still can't stop smiling over this one,
clearly she wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap;
how she ever kept her balance standing
on that stool I'll never know.

Life is Good!


Thearica said...

This is one of those Kodak moments... Priceless! :)

Charleen said...

Adorable!! I bet someone's hand was about 1" outside that crop!

Becky G said...

A classic! And how rare to get a Santa with a real, honest to goodness beard. I bet you made the lovely smocked Christmas dress too. A photo worthy of a place on the mantle, with fresh greenery & berries, in a silver frame.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Oh my ... oh my ... oh my ... one of the BEST Christmas photos I've ever seen. Wait until Lucy is 40 and they drag that photo out for her surprise birthday party ... we'll all be smiling down on her ;-) Thanks for sharing the joys of your grandchildren with us. Linda

leigh anna said...

i can't get over this picture!

Anne Heidi said...

What a wonderful picture, thank you for sharing!

jude's page said...

so gorgeous, and so true, so many children don't want to sit on his knee!

Carol said...


sandra said...

That photo is priceless!!! How she didn't fall off the stool I don't know. I love the dress, I am in the process of smocking a couple of dresses for my granddaughter to put in her Christmas parcel.