14 April, 2013

Determined Little Chickadee!

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

I monitor my Bluebird house. I keep it clean between families and dust off the welcome mat so that it shows well. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some activity but no Bluebirds were entering. Upon closer inspection I found an empty Chickadee nest and cleaned it out. Last week I found that the same thing had occurred; and yes, the result was the same. "C'mon Bluebirds", I thought, "we have a vacancy". Yesterday I spied a little Chickadee darting in and out of the nestinng box. Yep, another nest had been built, but this time there was a clutch of eggs. I honor this mama Chickadee's solid determination... and no, I did NOT disturb the nest this time; she wins!
Life is Good!


Angie said...

We have Bluebirds and Tree Swallows that vie for the prime real estate around here. :) Would love to have a Chickadee come and nest at Ships Landing---the Tree Swallows even nest in the Chickadee box... So glad you let her have her family in that regal house. :)

Laura Davies said...

Hehehe! Silly birds. They never nest where you want them too:)

Janet O. said...

May as well let them sign the contract now. : )

sandra said...

I love birds. We don't have chickadees or bluebirds where I live in Aust, but we have blue wrens. They make me smile when see them hopping around on the lawn. There were not many around until we planted lots of trees and shrubs and kept our cats inside. They like to nest in dense bushes rather bthan nesting boxes.