27 May, 2013

The Baton Is Passed

Like a quilt relay race, the baton has been passed to the next team, my run is done! Here I was on Saturday, handing off my part by demonstrating the proper way to bury a knot. The hand quilters at Bailey's Chapel UMC took to their leg of the race like well conditioned athletes, they were eager to begin; and off they went, all the while with their eyes fixed on the finish line.
The team basting quilt #2 for hand quilting.

To read more about this centennial quilt project
 click here.

Everyone was ready to take a turn, even their Pastor.
I'm cheering them on now from the sidelines, 
smiling every stitch of the way. Go team, go!
Life is Good!


lindsey said...

Great fun.....I think I need to show this post to my husband who is also a church pastor and he could join in with my quilting :)

Little Penpen said...

Aww, love the pic's! That's great that the pastor put in some stitches,too!!