22 June, 2013

Happy Surprises (On The Road, Chapter 2)

While we were gone this past week, visiting my parents in New Hampshire, we had the privilege of riding along on one of the only U.S. Mail boats in the country.  This is the Sophie C., moored    and ready to take on passengers for a two hour cruise. Lake Winnepasaukee is dotted with islands, 365 to be exact. Only 264 of those islands are inhabited; they are served daily by the U.S. Mail boats at seven ports all summer long.
This is a wider shot, just look at those pretty fluffy clouds
and the lake and mountains beyond; it was a beautiful day.
The shoreline is dotted with beautiful year-round homes and seasonal summer cottages.
I chose this one as the one I would like to own, just a simple place with a nice view. 
This was the first mail stop, there was no one there. Our cruise happened to be the premier
trip of the season, the full complement of summer guests will begin arriving in the next few weeks
and the mail service will pick up. Apparently, during the "high season", children bearing coins line up to board the Sophie C. when she ports, buying ice cream from her freezer. As the boat pulls away the
children typically crawl up on these pilings and dive into the lake as a way of seeing her off.
The next stop was Bear Island, the Sophie C. had a welcoming committee there.
Mail was dropped off at this Post Office and letters were carried away in return.
For one of the many islands to be inhabited there need only be a single home.
This island boasts a single, lovely, log cabin and boat docks; this summer home
 was once owned by the daughter of U.S. President Grover Cleveland.
Dad and me supervising one of the mail "drops". In this port there is a swing arm
mounted for the mail bag to be left hanging after the waiting mail bag was retrieved.
I don't have many requirements while traveling, but... a fried clam roll at this little
seafood stand in Winnesquam is one of them. It's worth waiting a year for.
Here Mr. Goodneedle is learning that the Fryolater is out of commission and there won't
be a clam roll on my plate today; I'll have to settle for a lobster roll.
Tables for eating are all outside, some under cover; each with a lake view!
Here's close up of my lunch. The way I look at it is this:
any day that a lobster roll is a consolation prize for your first choice
is a VERY GOOD DAY!! It was absolutely delicious.
This little seafood stand welcomes diners from the water side...

...as well as from the street side!
One of the nicest surprises was this one... my Mom and Dad and their new car!
They were excited to show it to us, and we couldn't be happier for them!
And now... for the biggest surprise of all. The one I promised you and told you that
you wouldn't believe. Well, am I right?     (Laura P. this is for you!)

Life is Good!


regan said...

Yikes! I had no idea you were part of the 'Laconia crowd'! lol All your pics are beautiful.....and fun info on the mail boat! :o)

45th Parallel Quilter said...

What a fun, fun, fun thing to do!! I agree with you about that house ... on the water, simple with a porch large enough to accommodate a small table with a Featherweight in the summer ... heaven! Lobster in lieu of fried clams ... oh, how you suffered!! LOL I can't believe you'd be able to handle a bike that size ... tell me you were posing for a picture! LOL

quiltkeemosabe said...

That first house looks a lot like the one in the movie, "What About Bob". It was filmed on Lake W. Do you think it's the same house? Love the motorcycle!

Janet said...

You look good on that bike! You and Mr Goodneedle are welcome to come along on our next bike trip!! LOL

The Mail Boat looks fun! I bet you had a great time with your folks!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I grew up in a house on a small lake in Michigan - blue water and blue sky . . . yes.

LizA. said...

So beautiful and so very green! I'm coming to appreciate green more and more now that I live in an area devoid of natural green.