02 July, 2013

Sowing (Sewing) Seeds

 Last week was spent sowing seeds. After a long, very long (5 year) hiatus my daughter and I were back at our church camp as C3ARE leaders once again. C3ARE is an acronym standing for the 3C's~ Christian, Camp, Community and then the A,R, and E:
Area Resource Enabler. What that means is that we do age-appropriate Bible study with the campers during a pre-arranged  block of time in their daily schedule. This year we chose First Campers (1st and 2nd graders) who opted for a short half week on camp. Sunday through Wednesday sounded like a good plan to our daughter as far as introducing Mason and Lucy Ann to a camp experience that only encompassed three and a half days. It was the perfect amount of time; for them and for us.  While sowing camp seeds among the youngest of participants during the day I found myself "sEwing" seeds after hours... strawberry seeds; on wool! The handwork on this project has become my latest obsession; it's coming along nicely and will be done before long! It's the perfect portable.
And one final, funny, Masonism. While sharing living space at camp with my grandchildren I found myself closely observed in the mornings when I was getting ready and putting on my "face" for the day. I use an eyelash curler which likely appers to be some sort of archaic torture device to my almost 5 y.o. grandson!
Mason: "Nana, what's that?"
me: "It's an eyelash curler, it curls my lashes before I apply mascara. I place my lashes inside and squeeze it."
Mason: "Oh. Does it hurt?"
me: "No, not at all."
The next day he reached into my makeup pouch and presented the eyelash curler to me with a smile.
"Here, Nana, don't forget to use this" Mason happily prompted.
 "Thank you, Mason", I responded, "do you remember what it's for?' I asked.
"Yes," he chirped, "it's the tool for rolling your eye out"!

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

just be sure and roll it back in....LOL...hilarious!

Shakerwood said...

The wool project is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see it all finished ....

Mason will have me re-thinking the phrase "rolling out of bed" in the morning now!

lindsey said...

That is such a sweet story about Mason, so glad you wrote it down :) church camps are great fun for children, ours always loved to go...as do we.

Janet O. said...

TeeHee--isn't it fun how they perceive our world?
I love your strawberry project! Very sweet.

LizA. said...

Out of the mouths of babes.......too funny. Love the details on the berries that the beads add.

julieQ said...

You be careful with rolling your eyes out, LOL! Your grandbabies are precious to me, as I see them through your eyes.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Please be careful when rolling your eyes out! :) I love church camp and remember fondly the one time I got to go when I was a child. blessings, marlene

Elita en Suisse said...

I agree the others: do be careful when rolling your eyes out! This had me rofl. My mother has one of those as well. Still uses it too. :-)

Zlaty said...

Oh, Mason is so cute! It made me laugh! :)

Mama Spark said...

Kids say the darndest things!! So cute!