06 July, 2014

The Great American Road Trip, Part 8

This is it, the final installment!  You thought this was the trip that wouldn't end, didn't you?  We spent the end of one day and half of the next in Glacier National Park, during most of our time there it was raining; we pressed on, undaunted. The scenery was spectacular, even through the raindrops and thick cloud cover. It was cool there, in the 50's; we weren't able to cross through the park on the "Going-To-The-Sun" road as it wasn't opened due to both snow and construction.

Along the drive to Pole Bridge, SW in the park, down a long and bumpy dirt road.

View from the general store porch at Two Medicine.

Lower St. Mary Lake

The above photos were all taken along the road to Many Glacier, the NE (US) entrance. 
Leaving Glacier NP

Heading back to Kalispell we drove for many miles alongside this railroad track. 
This Norfolk and Western-built line has been in existence for 100 years+ 
when it first carried passengers through Marias Pass and into Glacier 
for relaxation and recreation; Glacier is the 10th official National Park, 
being established as such in 1910. 
We stopped to taste some huckleberries, you can't visit Montana without doing so! We had a broad choice... this place had huckleberry everything! We settled on a slice of pie. I am assuming that the huckleberry filling was canned, as we were told it's not huckleberry season until later in the summer. The pie was wonderful, but as far as my tastebuds could discern it was indistinguishable from blueberry pie; equally sweet and delicious. After leaving Kalispell the next day we were headed in the direction of Utah and spent that next full day on the road getting as far as Idaho Falls; then onto Moab (and, ultimately, Arches National Park) from there.

Utahns lead life in the fast lane!
We arrived in Moab, UT in the late afternoon; the temperature was 92 degrees and the parking lots were all full.  We planned to hike out to Delicate Arch the next morning and decided then and there to go early, very early, and avoid the crowds and the heat.

Arches National Park at sun up.

Arches is replete with incredible (and seemingly impossible)
 sandstone formations at every turn.
This is a Pinyon Pine, it was at the beginning of the hike out to Delicate Arch, just as the sun was cresting the slick rock in the background. I love this photo and how it captures not only the rugged beauty of the landscape but how it also defines perseverance.
The 1.5 mile hike across slick rock out to Delicate Arch at daybreak.

The final red rock rim out to Delicate Arch, a hike worth every single step!

There are no words that can describe the majesty of experiencing Delicate Arch in person.

THIS is what it feels like to stand there; exhilerating!
These wind-formed caves and bowls epitomize the land formations below Delicate Arch.

One of the many rock cairns that marked the trail out and back.

Arches incredible landscape!

Two tired, yet happy, hikers!

Sand Dunes Arch.

A few last glimpses before leaving Arches and beginning the long drive home.

Leaving Arches and looking down in Moab, UT.

Fast forward a few days and look where we ended up... at a fabric store in St. Louis, MO! Jackman's was one of the quilt shops featured in this spring's Quilt Sampler magazine. This shop was large and all-encompassing; there were gorgeous quilts, patterns and plenty of quilting fabric; as you might imagine, but the abundant supply of top quality trims, buttons and ribbon went on forever... I was in heaven.  They also had numerous models of precious little girls' sundresses, it was hard to leave that store without purchasing everything to make each one of those! I did find some great supplies for making up some cute Christmas gifts, which I hope to get a head-start on this summer.  This concludes my travelogue, for those of you who've stayed with me for this entire series, I hope you haven't been too bored and have enjoyed the scenery. I will now return to life at home and more things quilt related. It was one terrific adventure; but, to quote Dorothy, "there's no place like home!" She sure was right about that.

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Our family has vacationed in both of these spots. So fun to see it through your eyes. We have experienced the cold rain of Glacier and the hot, red rock trails of Moab. You were wise to hike Delicate Arch in the early morning!
What a road trip! I can't believe you covered so much territory in one trip. You need a vacation to recover from your vacation!
(BTW, our 80 mph speed limits on some long, lonely stretches of road are a fairly recent development. I haven't yet been on one. The thought makes me nervous.)

AnnieO said...

Great photos as always! The human perspective for the Arches is magnificent! Glad you got there mostly alone--cool.
Jackman's is a wonderful total sewing store--and so big! I went there with my sister once over 5 years ago and would love to go back. Wonderful trip the three of you had!

Carolyn said...

Thank you for taking me along on your trip. Not boring at all. I enjoyed it.

Nane said...

Great trip in pictures. I haven't been to Glacier yet but hope to for sure. Glad you got to see Delicate Arch. Our National Parks are all so very different but each a treasure in its own right. Did you actually drive the 80 mile speed limit? My rental car only had about two cylinders but I sure tried 😜

cityquilter grace said...

not bored for one nanosecond...thanks for taking me along...

Charleen said...

What an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing!

lindsey said...

What an awesome trip, great photos, I would love to visit Huckleberry's Patch :)

jude's page said...

looking forward to your next trip, good way to see the world without leaving home! I thought you were being sarcastic about the 80 and being slow, then realised you meant 80 mph and not kph! We slow to 80 from 110 on the highway as we are driving into a town, and then down to 50kph. Not sure how 80 mph tanslates.

julieQ said...

Just love living your vacation with you, through your pictures...it is so much fun! I especially love the rushing water!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow! My breath was taken away just seeing your photograph of Delicate Arch ... I can only imagine seeing it in person.

As soon as I saw the picture of Jackman's (before I read anything), I knew EXACTLY where you were! That shop is about 45 minutes from my house! Depending on what route you left St. Louis, you might have traveled within a couple of miles of my house. ;-)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oh, and I have NOT been bored at all! Visiting that part of our country is on our bucket list ... but I'm not sure we'll make it, so I've been enjoying the trip vicariously through your trip updates. ;-)

Nancy M Stevens said...

Thanks for taking me along. I loved every minute of it.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Loved seeing these pictures-we haven't been to Arches or even Montana-but hope to in the future. You and your hubby certainly look like you are in good shape. That quilt store sounded fabulous. Also loved seeing your handiwork that you finished on your way home.

Kelly said...

I have LOVED it! Arches is my brothers favorite park. And I love the quilt shops you found along the way!

Terri said...

Oh my goodness! I was scrolling through your blog and was so surprised to see Jackmans ! I'm living in Texas, but lived just a few minutes from there for 8 years! They have a monthly free quilting club that is so much fun! I really miss that store....
Your Swiss quilt is so sweet....
Terri in Texas