10 July, 2014

This and That Thursday

There's been but a lot going on lately; but it's not a whole lot of any one thing.  I've been chipping away at the Head For The Border piece, working on machine appliqué of the top and bottom borders. We will have the final reveal/reunion of our group at the end of August and if all goes according to plan I hope to have mine done and quilted by then. We all know what happens to even the best laid plans though. Wish me luck; we'll see, I'm hoping for the best.

There's been steady progress on the quilting of "Got Cookies?"; I'm actually out to the borders now and ready to turn it. 
I hope to have the binding in place next week and be ready for handwork.
I fulfilled a burp cloth request recently; something I still love
 to do, but the orders are infrequent and sporadic.

A certain grandson is soon to have his 6th birthday and he has requested
a Corn Hole game. Nana was able to do her part... PawPaw is still working on
painting the boards in the workshop. Shhhhh... it's a secret!

We ate at Applebee's last night and found tablets for ordering installed at every table now.
I think it's ridiciulous; more technology replacing jobs, plus the added distraction of games
available for play too... nothing like adding to the demise of a family dinner together where

 conversation and eye-to-eye contact used to be the highlight of eating out together. 
This was my rant on the subject, my husband tried to explain things to me from a business standpoint...
not that he was in favor of the tablets necessarily, but simply to give me another perspective. 
Personally, I find the tablets sad for all the reasons stated above... 
what do you think, is this progress for the better?

Speaking of family... there's a great family drama series,
Heartland, available for viewing through Netflix all the way 
back to the premier episode from 2007. Filmed in the majestic Canandian 
Rockies the series centers around a horse ranch run by two sisters 
and their grandfather; it's a joy to watch and I am hooked!
I don't know how I ever missed this from the beginning, but have been
catching up on all the episodes this summer; I'm so happy to have found it.
Netflix is really the best way to watch a series like this: no commercials!

Life is Good!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I agree with you. If families are going to be glued to their electronic devices during mealtime, let them ... Just don't contribute to it. I have a tablet and love it but not during mealtime.

Quiltdivajulie said...

From a very practical standpoint, menus were always germ-laden and I suspect the tablets will become more-so since electronics are rarely wiped down!

UGH - I don't like this trend . . .

Carrie P. said...

Lovin' your quilt.
I think that is lame that Applebees has done that. I haven't been there in forever and I guess it will be even longer now.
I have been watch a TV series called Hart of Dixie. I will check out Heartland when I finish Hart of Dixie.
My son has Netflix so I watch it while my new grandson takes his naps.

Paula, the quilter said...

Being a former typographer, I love words and letters. And putting words and letters (and numbers) on quilts just makes me swoon. Well done, Mrs. G! I had heard about the tablets on the tables at Applebees and I don't know if I would like that or not. I guess it would be a good idea to take some hand sanitizer with you.

Quilt Hollow said...

Your quilt is wonderful!
I didn't know Applebee's did that...unsure how I feel. What about older folks who don't use tablets? I'd have to stew and think about this before blurting out I guess. It reminds me of airlines check-in, or Sheetz if you want to order.

Laura Davies said...

Wow! Tablets on the table, crazy! Do you get to play games while you are waiting?

Laura said...

Hmm... I've seen tablets for ordering at places like airports restaurants and bars, but never at a regular restaurant. I love technology but I'm not sure how I feel about having it at the dining table.

And I LOVE watching things on Netflix! No commercials is the best!