20 December, 2014

Quilt Block Joy

Night Moon Star ~ 6", finished
This is the third week  in Advent; " joy"  is the word of this week. This quilt block gave me great joy, not only because it's pretty to look at... but becasue it's DONE! Quiltkeemosabe and I met this week to work together on a common block and to compare notes on the instructions we've written for constructing five additonal blocks from Rosemary Young's Quilt Block Bible.  This is block number 14; 12 and 13 are pictured below, they all were difficult; I ended up resorting to foundation piecing for accuracy as the measurements were anything but straight forward, there didn't seem to be a satisfactory solution for rotary cutting that would provide consistency.
Blocks # 13 and 12; Aunt Eliza's Star Variation and Aunt Eliza's Star, respectively.
Block # 15 ~Album Star
This block was straight forward and easy to piece using a few of Deb Tucker's handy dandy tools from my collection: the Wing Clipper and Corner Pop rulers made putting this one together a snap.
Block # 16 ~ Album Star Variation
Block #17 ~ Signature Star
These latter additions were equally easy and straight forward to piece. I did two variations of #17, one as pictured in the book and one as a traditional signature block with a light area for signing in the block center; all of the blocks finish to 6". We've now completed 28 blocks... only 174 to go! The joy associated with our "work" sessions together over this book go much deeper than our ever-growing quilt block collection; there's joy in the act of getting together, of laughter, of sharing a simple meal, and, most of all, in celebrating friendship. Where will you find joy today?
Life is Good!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

After reading your posts about you and Quiltkeemosabe making blocks from the Quilt Block Bible, I've been wanting to buy that book for myself. DH and I were out and about on Thursday ... our first stop was at a quilt shop in their new location, and I saw the book there ... I knew I had to get it. I can't wait until I can start making my blocks (enough for a sampler ... not ALL the blocks like you two are doing).

Janet O. said...

These blocks do appear to have challenging elements. Sometimes foundation paper piecing is my only answer to a challenge, too.
These are all very nice. Do you have a setting chosen already or will that come when the blocks are finished?

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Great squares!I just finished wrapping up all our presents and only have one gift to get hubby so I haven't gotten any sewing done for my quilt-maybe the rest of the week.
From my home to yours, Christmas joy to you and yours.

LizA. said...

lovely blocks but that first one is wow!